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Kellett IslandIt is such a pity to see all the glorious trophies on display in the Main Bar left unpolished, and seemingly forgotten. One cabinet even has them all bunched-up at one end, as if the cabinet had tilted and no-one has bothered to put them back in place.
A little "spit n' polish" would go a long way to restoring them to their former glory, and make an eye-catching they are ment to be !
Kellett IslandPlease bring back the breakfast a la carte menu before 11! The last thing the hungover horde want to do is walk around getting food.
Also, the buffet is constantly running out so guests who don't get enough before 11am just go hungry...
Kellett IslandPlease consider getting 2 pcs of 2kg GOMA dumbbells. It’s easier and more convenient for ladies. Thanks.2019-08-17
Kellett IslandWhen can the youth room be reopen again? Why the setback?
It has been the whole summer and my kids has no place to go, do you have a schedule? Thank you
Kellett IslandEven on a nice evening the terrace of the bistro is closed! We come to enjoy a mean by the sea for the last 3 visits, it is always closed and not raining. What is the issue or when will it reopen?2019-08-12
Kellett IslandMy wife had a breakfast this morning around 1130am. She ordered a full day breakfast. When the breakfast arrived, the toasts were cold, so was the grilled tomato. It appeared to us that these two items were probably not freshly cooked. Dare I say they were left over from the buffet breakfast earlier on? The sausage was hot but my wife later found out that one end of the sausage was undercooked.

I ordered a coffee, but it was lukewarm.

I suggest that the kitchen staffs need to improve, alot!


Kellett IslandPlease could something be done about members hanging up their sailing kit in the main bar. There are lockers in the changing room, benches outside the main bar. Surely a line could be drawn at shoes being hung up in the main bar...

Kellett IslandMen’s Changing Room
Users should not leave underwear hanging on the benches unattended. It is unsightly and unhygienic especially it’s very much at other users’ eye level standing upright.
Kellett IslandHave you seen the graham norton show? Have you seen the red chair segment? To be fair, people on that show are fully aware of the fact their chair is going to fly back and take the risk willingly. Today, I watched a friend be flung back on a broken deck chair poolside and have this experience having had the same experience last week (with the chair beside me also faulty). I am starting to wonder how many other chairs are broken and placing members at risk…
Also, chairs behind on dining tables still tied up with twine 4 days after the typhoon. Hoping those chairs are rectified ASAP to avoid injury.
Kellett IslandSeveral times when I rested Pool side, there’re guests or members watching video on the smart phone(s) without headsets. Poll attendants indicate there’s Club rules have not yet caught up the technology. Thus I hope to bring to your attention on this situation and update the mobile phone usage.2019-08-01
Kellett IslandProposal to implement a new policy for the stereo system in the gym:
Only for use by groups, or if the gym is empty when you arrive.
I hate when I'm in the middle of a run, listening to music or watching TV with headphones, and then someone comes in and starts blasting some other music. If you want to listen to music, bring headphones like the vast majority already do. Don't disrupt my enjoyment of the facilities.
Kellett IslandAll of the pool deck chairs need servicing. Today, I sat on the chair closest to the lifeguards and the back of it collapsed. I was very close to hitting my head on the wall behind. It could have ended in a very bad head injury or broken neck.

I am upset because this should not have happened and both lifeguards see me didn’t seem to care. The chair beside had the same problem.
Kellett Island1) Please install some hanging hooks in the Baby changing washroom next to the Bistro to facilitate parents in hanging the diapers bag when changing diapers.

2) It is very difficult for a parent to take care of 2 kids at once in the changing room (either men/women changing room), it is suggest to provide a family changing room so both parents could take care of the kids together.
Kellett IslandThe new children’s playground is somewhat lacking when compared to the old one. There are no seats for parents to sit on, there is no shade and what has happened to all the toys that used to be in the playground. We used to frequently go to the playground where the children could play, there were tables with umbrellas and we could order food. Now there is nothing.2019-07-09
Kellett IslandI enjoyed the dim sum lunch on several occasions. Based on the feedback from my family and friends, I have a few suggestions:
1. Please don't put the coconut shreds on the jelly, put it on the side in case people needs it.
2. The small tables have a bar at knee height on 2 sides. It's not comfortable to sit on these 2 sides.
3. Can we have more variety of dim sum please.

Thanks for considering my suggestions.

Kellett IslandThat the Club sampan be permitted to pick up and drop members at the steps near the bus stop beside the pontoon side of the footbridge serving Victoria Park. The bus stop has recently been moved so that is very convenient for members traveling from the west as well as those using the footbridge.2019-06-28
Kellett IslandParents MUST accompany children in the changing room. I witnessed 10 boys rushing into the changing room screaming and yelling, not one parent present.2019-06-25
Kellett IslandDear Sir/Mdm - as a frequent user of the gym/changing room, I noticed that the steam room in the male changing room doesn't seem to be very "active". To clarify, it seems to be lacking in temperature and the frequency in which the steam is released. Perhaps it would be possible to set the temperature and frequency of the steams higher. It seems rather ineffective at its current settings. Thanks a a lot for your attention!2019-06-23
Kellett IslandPlease install land line at the reception. It’s so hot to go outside to make phone calls. What about during typhoon No.8 and the winter time. Please look into this. Thank you so much!2019-06-21
Kellett IslandShowers opposite steam rooms (male) - no shampoo ever can come out. Complained for 6 months. Staff told me they changed new one. I don’t care new or old but no shampoo come out. Please fix it promptly. Thank you.2019-06-18
Kellett IslandWould be nice to have pairs of free weights in the gym in 5, 7 and 9 kilos. Currently there are only 2, 4, 6 and 8 kilo weights in the lower range. For most women who use these lighter weights for upper body workouts, the jump of 2 kilos to the next size up is just too difficult and risks injury (for example, to move from a 4 to a 6 is a 50% increase). Otherwise, absolutely love the gym!2019-06-05
Kellett IslandIt would be great to have more options available to non-drinkers both at the bars and in particular at events organised by RHKYC. Perhaps the bar could stock a better non-alcoholic beer e.g. Becks Blue, a few non-alcoholic spirits e.g. Seedlip Spice and offer a mocktail of the month. I often go to events at the club where there are lots of options for people who drink alcohol but not much thought has gone into non-alcoholic options. For example, when attending events where the welcome drink is champagne/prosecco perhaps a similar looking drink could be offered to non-drinkers e.g. elderflower and soda or ginger ale so non-drinkers feel welcome and part of the celebration and can blend in with the drinkers. There are loads of great mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks available these days and they are becoming increasingly popular, it wouldn't be hard to make a few small tweaks to make non-drinkers feel more included. Thanks very much.2019-06-05
Kellett IslandThere's no doubt that electric cars are a major part of Hong Kong today.  These cars are doing their part to help reduce air pollution in our fine city. A number of private member clubs around town have installed electric vehicle charging facilities (including The Hong Kong Country Club, Aberdeen Marina Club, Gold Coast Yacht Club, Clearwater Bay Golf Club, and Ladies Recreation Club to name a few)  

The RHKYC has put itself forward to be an environmentally conscious club (ie the elimination of plastic bags & plastic straws).  Perhaps we could consider installing electric vehicle charging facilities at Kellett Island car park to make it more convenient for members who have taken the effort to be more environmentally conscious.
Kellett IslandThanks for the wonderful Misha's ,wine dinner.
All food are good and white wine matching.
However, food serving was slow with dinner ending at 11:30 forcing some friends had to leave early.
Hopefully, next dinner may be able to complete before 1030.
A two and a half hrs of dinner time should be sufficient and enjoyable.
Kellett IslandHas the total ban on under 16s in the gym been reconsidered? I am sure mitigation measures could be implemented that allow 14 to 16 y/o to use the gym without Thanks.2019-05-14
Kellett IslandPlease consider getting rid of the piano in the Compass Room playing 'classics'. It's a like a relic of the 1970s. It's not sophisticated, nor soothing. It's excruciating. It embarrassing in front of guests. Why not take a vote of users.2019-05-14
Kellett IslandI want an answer to why the jukebox has not been re-installed in new bowling alley. I have just spent 2 hours listening to the same dreadful 5-6 songs on a loop. Totally unacceptable!!2019-05-04
Kellett IslandThere are many small bugs that are biting in Chart Room, Club Room and Phone Room. Please fumigate and clean furniture.2019-05-02
Kellett IslandI spend a lot of time at the above (Helpers at ladies’ changing room), what follow is my observation of long time :

a, Helpers, in particular the new ones, spend quite a lot of time playing with their mobiles n they would only stop when spotted;

b, Fail to remind members of improper use of mobile phones or allowing kids to run around, that ruins the regulations imposed;

b, Cleanliness is compromised n they had to be reminded or otherwise.

Without doubt, most of them r hardworking, however it is dissatisfactory to see a few who are there physically n not dutifully.

Pls see to that.
Kellett IslandWe would very much like the salad buffet option to come back to the Bistro. There are more vegetarians and some of the salad offered contain anchovies and other meat. After talking to other Yacht Club member, they have all agreed with my suggestion to request salad only buffet to come back to the Bistro and this can also reduce work load for the understaffed situation right now.2019-04-21
Kellett Island1. Fish & Chips should be served with chips not fries. Alternatively, please amend the menu to clarify that it's Fish & Fries.

2. Don't advertise "mushy" peas if they're not going to be served mushy.

3. What is the economic rationale for having an outdoor children's play area in addition to two indoor children's playarea? Do married members with children pay higher subs than married members without children? Wouldn't it generate more money for the club to have it be a wet bar and BBQ area?
Kellett Island1. Life cycle bike (with back rest) needs a service, bearing sounds worn or faulty
2. Still too hot, lots of airflow but no cooling
Kellett IslandThe renovated club looks great and it's a pleasure bringing guests. The new path is very pleasant. One suggestion. The first flight of steps leading up from the Bistro towards the Main Bar is nicely paved with smart grey tiles. However, the second flight is raw concrete. Why is this? It looks unfinished. Please pave the second flight the same as the first. Thanks.2019-04-07
Kellett IslandPlace mat used on dining tables useless. Clean frequently. Are very dirty & sticky. Previous use of paper more hygienic.2019-03-17
Kellett IslandPlease inform members by email or SMS if certain places / venues are out of use, e.g. women’s change room out of use for 1 week, but only finding out upon arrival? You should let members know in advance and the signs should be more clear.2019-03-13
Kellett IslandJust a note to say how we enjoyed the dinner with our guests last night with the various new dishes in the Bistro!

Chef Paul's recommendations are highlights of the dinner. The stir-fried sliced wagyu beef as well as the stir-fried whole Boston lobster are delicious! The deep fried dough sticks with shrimp mousse brought back lots of old time memories!

The new menu is full of nice surprises. We will definitely go again and try the other new dishes!

Particular thanks to Paul and Jeff for the excellent customer service.
Kellett IslandMay I please ask if we can have a hair dryer in the women's locker room in the new Annex building, where the squash courts are located?

Kellett IslandIn the bistro, for the buffet there is a price for adults including wine, beer, ie alcohol as well as juices, soft drinks, etc. Adults are aged over 14 I believe. My daughter is 14 but of course does not drink alcoholic beverages. I suggest there is a price for young adults who are not of age to legally drink alcohol.2019-03-10
Kellett IslandWhy, oh why, was chicken schnitzel removed from the Bistro menu? Please bring it back. Thank you.

By the way, great job on the Bistro, Bowling Alley/Sports Bar and the overall renovation!
Kellett Island(1) Could you add some better options for your red wine by glass?
(2) I told the bar man outside Bistro about my suggestion. He told me to go get the comment books inside Bistro. Please note that some members would choose to leave the matter there.
(3) The Seafood Bouillabaiss (Bistro) tasted like it has been diluted by water ( on 3-Mar-2019).
(4) The Chinese Mixed Veg bun should be removed from the menu. The cabbage is so difficult to cut up (unless with a steak knife) and very difficult to chew. It does not taste good. (3-Mar-2019 at Bistro).
(5) When I tried to look for the comment book at Bistro, a waitor (very kind) told me to go online but he said he would also reflect my concern to the management. He made me feel better.
Kellett IslandDear Sirs,
I just had the priviledge to stay in Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club. A member booked me and my wife a room at the club. What a wonderful experience to be able to stay at the club. I am sure that question has come up at RHKYC as well. It would be a fantastic feature for us absent distant members to be able to stay at the Club, if even only a Japanese capsule hotel style. Understand space is expensive in HK. But all the showers etc can be used so no need to make it fancy. If we can bunk on a boat in a race, we can bunk in capsule. Kind regards. Thomas
Kellett IslandI suggest that you combine the two top menus. The two highlighted areas could be put into one I think.

Kellett IslandWhat a terrible service at bistro tonight. Food poorly prepared. Service not up to standard. Order some chili and parmesan cheese never came. You should not take a big family, bistro cannot cope manpower wise and kitchen wise.2019-02-28
Kellett IslandLandscaping the Bistro Garden. Is it possible to put some plants/features in the Bistro “garden”. It looks like a car park!!!2019-02-04
Kellett IslandI know we morning gym users keep harping on about this, but honestly, the gym is too hot in the morning. It’s bad enough getting up at 5.45 to hit the gym without feeling like you are working out in pea soup! Please consider the somewhat draconian policy that only the staff can adjust the AC to “23” degrees (with a number of people in the gym 7-8, I can tell you if more like 26!)2019-02-01
Kellett Island9:50am - Please monitor the temperature in the Gym. Cause at 9:50am and it was 23.3c (by the windows) and practically no A/C there. Please check the distribution of A/C as well. Thx.

11:10am – Noticed more A/C kicked in (Perhaps around 10am, fell a drift of cool air on my track) Thx...All good.
Kellett IslandTried the Dim Sum lunch which is nice. We had a table for 3, right next to the band. Just too loud. Not their fault but personally I don't think it's necessary. The clown is a hit with the kids & adults alike.2019-01-24
Kellett IslandJust had Sunday brunch at the Bistro. Still very understaffed! Also noticed the more expensive new setup, with free drinks /liquor, plus the music and a clown! Is this really what the members want? Also sad to see Manager Mark leave; he was forced into retirement. What a shame. There are now so many new faces that the club has lost the “familiar” feeling, for me at least. Hope club management can take it into notice.2019-01-20
Kellett IslandThe 'new' gym is fantastic, and my wife and I use it a lot. Two issues. (1) The pull down machine wobbles. I have mentioned this to staff before and it improved for a while, but the wobble is back. The feet seem not to be properly flat. (2) The stomach crunch machine with the cables over the shoulders is really bad. It is difficult to get a good movement and I'm sure it is terrible for the back. What about scrapping it and buying a decent knee raiser machine?

Kellett IslandThe new Bistro is great and proving very popular, so congratulations on that. It is a good thing that the Club has hired additional staff to cope with the additional demand. But given the nature of the membership, it is a strange choice to have hired people who speak almost no English. Recently, the waiter who tried to take our drinks order could not understand 'Sprite'. And the woman operating the egg station at the buffet could not understand the expression 'fried egg', even after a passing chef tried to explain it to her. Surely she could have learnt the words for the basic egg styles before undertaking the egg station. Thanks.2019-01-19
Kellett IslandThe washing basin in question is located at far end of the female changing room, notice of 'out of order' has been there for no less than 2 months. I am flooded with surprise a small matter like this can be shelved for so long n God knows how many more months to come.

Fix it, if it is not a rocket science matter pls.

Kellett IslandCar lic plate LXXXX has been parked a little irresponsibly blocking another car that was parked there before. It would be to remind the driver or owner of LXXXX to be more considerate when parking next time in our congested yard.2019-01-06
Kellett IslandDear Sir,

First of all , a warm note to say thank you for the excellent renovation that the club has done over the last couple of years.

I wanted to make a little suggestion for the signage .It is located too close to the curve canopy. Composition wise it will look better if it is located in between the canopy and the corner of the building.

It is not only my observation but from others who have artistic backgrounds.

Could you please pass this comment to whoever is in charge of this matter?


Kellett IslandI suggest removing the large plant boxes in the party area of the Main Deck. I had a party there a few months ago and it does not look good and takes up a lot of space (and the space is small already). Best regards,2018-12-24
Kellett IslandMale toilet Bistro smelly 20:39.2018-12-22
Kellett IslandI suggest that the Club hire professional lighting consultants to advise on the Bistro lighting generally. The tables near the water are too dark. The upright pillar lights are far too bright and dazzle anyone nearby. The wall lights are rubbish. Proper lighting would greatly improve the ambiance.2018-12-22
Kellett IslandWe were very disappointed to find the pool closed in mid November and is not due to open again until the end of April.

When I called to enquire why, the receptionist said it was simply closed. I asked if any renovations were taking place, the answer was no.

Please could you let me know the reason for the extended pool closure? We would have very much enjoyed being able to swim in the spring season.

I look forward to your response.
Kellett IslandThe Bistro should have baby change facilities.2018-12-15
Kellett IslandI have written before about the very strict policy on youths in the gym. The total ban is unreasonable.
My son is 14 y/o, is 6 feet tall and would like to use the gym with me. The gym is lightly used and usually when I go there is only 1 or 2 other members.
I totally understand the wish not to have hoards of unsupervised youths disturbing adult members. However, a one off tutorial requirement and a supervision requirement of 1 adult per youth at all times would solve avoid this. Also, there could be a time restriction so that there is some adult only time.

It is such a shame to have brand new equipment sitting there unused, and my son dying to use it with me but not allowed to.
Please reconsider this.
Kellett IslandThe Bistro Restaurant is very understaffed and not enough seating capacities. Some of the waiter and waitress are all very rude, especially 1 old age guy who had retired and come back. Please ask him to learn. We come here to enjoy our meals and not suffer unnecessarily. Bistro is a nice restaurant not a wet market, he doesn’t have to raise his voice to make us feel unwelcome.2018-12-13
Kellett IslandWe recently tried the new Bistro and have a few suggestions regarding outdoor lighting.

The upright lights that are between the higher and lower levels of the Bistro patio are too bright. If you are seated in the lower level and look back toward the Club, these lights can be blinding.

In addition, the tables on the lower level near the water are very dark and would benefit from a minimum of two candles each to allow people to see the food served.

Lastly, will decorations be added to the wall above the Bistro patio entrances? Currently, there are very bright upward facing lights that light the bare wall above the Bistro doors. It would be nice to see some decorative elements there instead of bare, white wall - perhaps something with a nautical theme.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Scotia Ryer
Kellett IslandI was very disappointed to learn that the pool closed on November 12th this year and will be closed through March.

In the past, as I recall, it has remained open through November and opened again on March 1st.

What is the reason the extended pool closure? Our family of four typically uses the pool in November and March and we are very disappointed.

I look forward to your response.

Scotia Ryer
Kellett IslandThe bistro is busy at the weekend with a long waiting time. We notice, however, some members occupy big tables, with 1 or 2 persons. They occupy the tables for a long period until others are ready to join.

I suggest people should only be seated when everyone is present during peak seasons/time periods.

Please call xxxx xxxx if you want to discuss further.
Kellett IslandI am quite shocked DOGS are allowed at the club and especially outside at Bistro. They sit on the chairs/lap up at the Table. This should not be allowed.

Kellett IslandThe left running machine needs a service. Very noisy.2018-12-08
Kellett IslandHello

I came to the club on Sunday and had to wait outside for 10 minutes as the car park was full; upon entering I saw this car parked as per the attached.

On top of the fact that he is parking in a selfish manner, he didn't even appear to be a member of the club (or at least wasn't displaying his RHKYC parking badge).

The car park security just left him a note asking him to park better next time but I do feel the club needs to take stronger action than this; perhaps contacting the member (if he is a member) with a warning. Or if he is not a member, really not letting non-parking members park during the weekend. Frustrating as the parking right is something we indeed pay extra for.

Can you please let me know what follow up action was taken against this individual?

Many thanks

Kellett IslandSir,

I visited the Club's website to look for our calendar, just now. It was a disappointing experience.

The waiting time to open that page was more than twenty seconds to half a minute. Then No response at all to my request to customise the calendar to read the sailing activities only.

As I was also looking up our friendly clubs' calendar at the same time, I was even more disappointed with ours, because their response time was far better than ours.

I hope I don't get disappointed next time. Thank you for your attention.

Henry Tsui
Kellett IslandHaving tried the new Bistro, I have a number of suggestions.

1. Insufficient of waiters in the beginning which is something unbelievable. It shows the short sightedness of the F&B management.

2. Numbers of service staff has been added lately. Still they’re just too green to provide adequate service, which makes a smooth operation still in difficulty. Kindly do something about it and not too long.

3. As for buffet, I just learnt there are changes, no ‘salad’ only as before, which is difficult to comprehend. Is it a world with choices, or should it be.
Kellett IslandI noticed that the main bar has hooks just under the counter so that you can hang your bags when drinking there. Would it be possible to put some similar hooks at the new Bistro Bar as well perhaps?

Would it be possible to install a large television in the new Bistro Bar showing popular sports? I believe it would give the bar a far sportier look and draw more crowds to have a drink at the new Bistro Bar. This would ultimately result in increased revenue for the club.
Kellett IslandWith the recent reopening of Bistro, I could see that there appears to be no provision of the round table previously exists at the venue. Grateful if the Club could consider the reprovision of one or two round tables for the gathering of groups of people. I believe the provision of say two round tables for ten persons each would be welcomes by members.
Kellett IslandI called to see if I needed reservations for tonight! I told it is no changed and still first come first served. It is not. Please inform yacht club staff of new policy.2018-11-22
Kellett IslandBeautiful renovations to the Bistro!! The indoor dining area was renovated with much thought. The separate food station areas are well laid out.
The outdoor dining area is a bit sparse. More landscaping would do the trick. The wooden vale with the pink bougainvillea is gorgeous and two more of those structures would balance out the concrete with a more natural green environment. Perhaps more potted plants would help as well? More umbrellas would make the outdoor dining experience more comfortable. More plants along the white wall would break up the monotony of that wall.
Thank you.
Kellett IslandI am having a bad experience with Bistro right now. I'm hungry after a long day and I'm sitting in the outside area of the Bistro. Because of the nice weather, the outside area is almost full, whereas the bistro inside only have a few guest. What I'm not happy with is that there is only one server outside, most of the servers are inside the Bistro. I had to go inside the Bistro to fetch some servers. This has happened a few days ago.

It appears that the service of the Bistro has deteriorated a lot and this must be improved, quickly too.

K Chung
Kellett IslandThe quality of service at the Bistro has been deteriorating in the past few months. Service is slow and there have been a few instances that the waiters forgot to key in our order and we just sat there and waited forever until we asked the waiter to follow up the order and found out that the order was not key in in the first place.2018-10-12
Kellett IslandCould the music volume be turned down. It is getting louder and louder and is now at such a volume that in the bistro one cannot have a conversation whilst they are playing.

It used be an attraction now it is a distraction. Slightly less loud please.
Kellett IslandRequest for essential oil in ladies steam room. Can we have actual essential oil (a few drops in a small bowl of water, placed under the seat or in the ledge) in the steam room and not 2 stalks of lemongrass as the 2 stalks offer no aroma and the bottom of the plastic cup, as well as the lemongrass, were a bit mouldy (also not healthy with mould). Two generic scents are either lemongrass or eucalyptus, thanks.

Kellett IslandThe kids indoor playroom is fantastic! However it would be great if the totally unused area outside could be used as a seating area for the parents as there isn’t really a place for them in the playroom, some tables and chairs with shade and a few fans would be an excellent addition to this room and make it better for the kids as it would not be so full of adults!
The ability to have a coffee there too would be a massive bonus!! Thanks
Kellett IslandReference to Men’s Changing Room locker (monthly rental).
Insufficient - Is it possible to spread out the allocation of monthly rental so we don’t all getting in the small area every time we use the locker. I can’t even get to it most of the time when it is busy.
Kellett IslandPlease rerack weights after use, should also be added, to the 'hammer strength' weights. The bench should also be repositioned to avoid blockage of the passage. Thank you for the previous reply!2018-08-30
Kellett IslandThe tree outside the entrance of our swimming pool appears to be dying, with the trunk without support and leaves drying up even in summer. Please look into this before anything unfortunate happens. Thank you.2018-08-23
Kellett IslandAny possible way to get a Marpo rope pull machine for the gym?

Kellett IslandWifi in Chart Room and Club room are dodgy. The signal in Chart room is totally not working. Club room is there but drops from time to time.2018-08-21
Kellett IslandPower points in chart room have not worked for years. Now the club room power points also do not work. Assume this is not intentional as sometimes it is useful to do a quick bit of work or charge one's phone in these rooms during the workday in between using facilities at the club.2018-08-21
Kellett IslandMy daughter ordered Nuggets from the kids menu at the pool today. The 'nuggets' seemed to be mostly bread. I don't think a chicken had been anywhere near them. I don't think we should be serving this sort of rubbish at the Club. I suggest deleting this item and replacing it with chicken strips (aka 'tenders'), ie chicken fillet meat.2018-08-12
Kellett IslandThanks for installing the the thermometer, now we can objectively comment how cool is the gym room. Today 3:30pm the temp is 19 degree, Wednesday 5:30pm was 20 degree which are cooler than the preset temperature. I couldn’t see any action being taken.

Also is there any improvement plan for the strong fan speed? Should I use the wind speedometer to gauge the fan speed for further improvement? This issue has been raised by other member few months ago. It is quite annoying when using the steps or cycling machines. Thank you.
Kellett IslandI am writing to complain about the consistently slow service, every Sunday night, at the Bistro, between 8-8:30pm. On many occassions, all we ordered was a fried rice dish, and it took 45min. Many times the outdoor area was not crowded, and most indoors all were there for the buffet, so it does not make sense why this is so slow. At least 5 times this has been the case in the past 4 months.

Kellett IslandCan the senior management seriously look into the gym air con system? Most of the time the temperature is pretty cold, it is even worst during rainy day. The fan speed is too strong in some areas.

It comes to a surprise to me that there is no temperature control / thermostat in the gym room for this newly installed central air con system, really can't understand??
Kellett IslandPlease open playroom earlier during weekdays, 1100 – 2100? The playroom is for children max 8. 2100 is long past bed time for under 8! May I suggest 0900 – 1900 on weekdays. Many thanks.2018-07-16
Kellett IslandSignage for “Please rerack weights after use” should be added to remind members to tidy up after their work out.2018-07-15
Kellett IslandPropose below suggestions :

- Do we need a printed magazine ? Online is good enough. Its easier to view and cheaper & better for the evironment.

- There is no parking area for bicycles. Can we have bicycle parking near gym area

- Mens locker steam room has less steam ... needs adjustment
Kellett IslandI regular go to the gym in the morning and I decided to commit myself to use the TRX facilities provided, but as the pinnacle become more popular, less and less time to use that facility in the shared space during the morning.
I would like to request that two mornings out of the 5 working days to be either more inclusive or to free up valuable shared space for the use of other members.
I would kindly ask for this request.
Kellett IslandCan we please have an update on the KI development, in particular completion dates for the various facilities at KI and what are we actually going to be getting?

This should be in the Magazine and/or the Website.
Kellett IslandGym Room railing loosen and unsafe.2018-06-27
Kellett IslandCan we swap out 1-2 of the beers at the Main Bar and replace them with local HK beers? Would be a nice touch to support our local brands2018-06-20
Kellett IslandCan the Club show more 2018 World Cup games ? ( obviously games starting at 2am have to be excluded)2018-06-14
Kellett IslandPlease move the extra weights from in front of the weight racks. It is difficult and dangerous to take weights from the racks if you are not close to the rack, which is not possible with the extra weights on the floor. Thanks.2018-06-11
Kellett IslandLater in the day, once the gym has cooled down, can we get the aircon fans turned down to something less than the current No 8 NE signal? They are blasting frigid air (and wasting energy)2018-05-31
Kellett IslandChargers for EV is popular. I hope yacht Club will have a few installed at Kellett and Shelter Cove car park.2018-05-28
Kellett IslandWith the 'new' road arrangements outside the club, please replace and reinstate the mirrors on the signpost opposite to the vehicle exit of the club. As I slowly drove out of the club on Sunday afternoon, after enjoying the Mother's Day buffet, we were nearly hit by a car driving on the wrong side of the road approaching from the left, which was completely unsighted to me as I drove out of the club. The vehicle was on the wrong side of the road as a result of the long line of taxis queuing across from the exit and all the way down to the gas station next to SPCA. At least if there was a mirror I could have spotted the vehicle approaching. The new road arrangement, without the mini roundabout, is potentially very dangerous as vehicles do not slow down to pass the club - magnified if they are on the wrong side of the road as they approach the club!!.2018-05-17
Kellett IslandThere are couple of serious issues within the toilets at the pool:
1. The water pressure is very weak
2. The pipe and drainage in both toilets are very stinky
3. The water temperature is not stable, sometime hot, sometime cold
The problems have been last for almost a year but nobody fit it. Please look into it. Thanks a lot.
Kellett IslandSwimming Pool suppose (no guest) Booklet signed up members about 30 (members +kids) since 11am. Now 4pm, over 60 people in pool (half people in pool are not member) Suggestion: Pool gate attendant is necessary.2018-05-01
Kellett IslandGood afternoon

I would like to complain about the conduct of the Sampan drivers. I waited for over 20 minutes for a boat to take me to Noon Day Gun today (as did others waiting). All Sampans refuses to take us saying that trips to the moorings were prioritised for all Sampans. The drivers were extremely rude and uncooperative. This is not acceptable.

The club has more than one Sampan, and they are currently being deployed in an extremely inefficient way. At least one should be made available to take members to and from the club, with the other(s) prioritised to take members to moorings.

I suggest the Club considers carefully its Sampan policy to ensure it is for the benefit of all members. Alternatively, I suggest the Club invest in an additional Sampan at peak (weekend) times.
Kellett Island"Pizza Promotion at the Pool" Please.
The very small ones at the Main Deck are great but could we have a 2 month promotion of full sized pizza selection at the pool during May and June when lots of kids are there. If it goes well keep some on the pool menu permanently. Thanks
Kellett IslandDiscontinuing sampan from April 1 onward to me, will discourage members to dine later then 8pm. You’ve to strike a balance between money given out (expenses) and money brought in. Safety is also a consideration. Before, there was POC, there were guards and a lot of traffics. Now, we have a construction site for strangers. I leave this to the wise man in the upper and echelon.2018-04-10
Kellett IslandAdd a weight belt to the gym please!2018-04-03
Kellett IslandPlease assist to adjust the Air-Con wind direction in the Gym. One example - direct hit of strong wind to head/upper body is at the cycling machine (in particular the left one the one closer to the running machine).2018-04-03
Kellett IslandMore umbrellas on the main deck - even at this early stage of the year there is not enough shade on the main deck (only 3 tables with umbrellas, the trellis provides no shade) - on a Sunday when the bistro is busy it isn’t possible to sit up there comfortably with kids in the direct sun2018-03-28
Kellett IslandThe coat/bag hook/peg behind the first cubicle door in the Ladies’ toilet on the landing going up to the Compass Room has been missing for a very long time and it would be greatly appreciated if a replacement could be installed. Thank you.2018-03-16
Kellett IslandLadies changing room suggestion locker keys:
I often work out early morning at the club gym but when I get to changing room (typically before 7am) there is often just a small collection of locker keys available (last week there were none as they’d all been taken) and often only option to pick small lockers and the attendant is not often there at that time.
Request there to be more of a selection of locker keys to chose from, across all the sections in the changing room, both Large and small lockers to avoid the same situation in future. Thanks
Kellett IslandHow about a small 'sundowner' bar at the end of the pier opposite the bistro that is being renovated (original and soon to be reopened bistro). Would be great to be able to walk out along the pier (railings and decking needed) and then have a quick drink. Maybe room for just a couple of bar stools but it could be a great feature.2018-03-01
Kellett IslandThe steam room in the men's locker room has a funky smell, I'm told the ladies' steam room has some lemongrass smell, is it possible to do the same for the men's steam room?2018-02-20
Kellett IslandI have written to the Vice Commodore John Woo on this suggestion (email) – Having personally experienced a fall while boarding the contract sampan at Jardines Steps, close to the so called safety bar being placed out of reach until one is on the sampan. The Club sampan (white one) have the safety bar located, so one can grab it before boarding.

If the subcontract sampan use is to continue, they should be made as safe as the Club sampan for boarding and alighting.
Kellett IslandPlease make fondue available at all locations of the Club ALL winter. On these cold February evenings it would be lovely to have fondue at Middle Island.2018-02-04
Kellett IslandRacing Day should not allow guest parking.2018-01-29
Kellett IslandThis is a small gym. Having coaches here is very disturbing as they speak so loud. I asked one of them to lower his voice but he ignored me. Today there are 2 coaches and it is so noisy. Suggestions:
1. Have some background music on to cover their voice for others.
2. No class
3. Ask them to speak softly. They are not running a big class of people. 1 to 1 does not have to shout.
I have my headphone on but still can hear their instructions. Also, they don’t put the benches back in place after use.
Kellett IslandOur beloved vegetable lasagna has been removed from the menu and replaced with the vegan sausage lasagna. While it’s nice to see the menu innovate and evolve, please keep the vegetable lasagna. We miss it!2018-01-23
Kellett IslandThe large open shower in the mens changing room has lots of tiny bugs. It's absolutely disgusting. Please kindly do something about it.2018-01-23
Kellett IslandThe new facilities are amazing, but there is often a damp smell in the steam room. Many gyms and spas (with steam rooms) place a small dish of essential oil under the seats (eucalyptus, Jasmine or Lemon grass are common). This would make for an even better experience using the club facilities. Thanks2018-01-17
Kellett IslandWould it be possible to print a notice and put up around the gym door/entrance when there are classes going on. Had planned to use the side of the gym with TRX/punch bags /stretch area - only to find a class was about to start and area out of use for 1 hour. Thanks2018-01-16
Kellett IslandPlease allow drop off of passenger at the entrance of Bistro during rainy days.2018-01-08
Kellett IslandInternet on the cycling machines (2 from the left) is not working. Please check, thx.2018-01-07
Kellett Island1. Youth Room
Adults supervision should not be required – for kids in the playroom, adults can put their whereabouts of the Club in care where an adult needed to be contacted for assistance. Requiring adult to stay in the Youth Club Room is very “unsociable”.

2. Toys (e.g. board games / Sega) should be allowed to be taken out of the Youth Club Room as well. And member should write down their membership when doing so.
Kellett IslandWe have a new gym with excellent facilities. The number of users seems to getting more and more. Congratulations.

However, I found playing music through the sound system in the gym is something very loud, noisy and may be irritating. I understand that most of them were actually broadcasted by individual member at their own preference. I understand there is a by-law of the club (4.14) for the use of mobile phone or audible music instrument.

I would like to suggest the club management should encourage gym users using headphone to enjoy their own music and please enforce by-law 4.14 in the gym.

Here is a recap of bylaw 4.14 which I just downloaded it from the club website today.
4.14 Portable Telephones/Audible Musical Instruments and Laptop Computers
Except where they are audible only to the user through earphones, the personal use of radios, tape recorders, music players, musical instruments, portable phones, laptop computers, pads or any other device to watch movies, listen to music or play video games,
etc. is forbidden in any part of the Club premises unless the use thereof has been approved by the General Manager.
The use of electronic equipment for the purpose of voice communication, including but not limited to portable phones, audible pagers and laptop computers is not permitted within the
Club premises except for in the telephone room, the car park and hard stand areas.
In the Compass Room, the use of electronic equipment, larger than pocket size, is permitted only when the room is in use for a private function.
Kellett IslandFor exercise classes 7-8am, please turn all air cons on - we are seriously hot!2017-11-16
Kellett IslandFitness / Mat Room is way toooo Hot!!!2017-11-14
Kellett IslandThe new playroom is excellent. Please consider opening the outdoor terrace (outside the playroom) and putting some tables+chairs. Parents can sit outside while children play in the playroom.2017-11-12
Kellett IslandThe quality of the food of the kids menu has deteriorated sharply and on a few occasions we had to order replacements -
1) Primavera sauce was spicy. We asked for a replacement with plain tomato sauce. However, ketchup was used.
2)Bow tie pasta was undercooked
3) Mac and Cheese was watery with no flavor.
Kellett Island1. I went to the Compass Room for dinner at 7pm alone and asked for a table for one. Waiter seated me at a table for two and five minutes later, a few waiters started talking amongst themselves saying they don’t have a table available. Captain came to me pointing to a table of 6 and told me that is the only table available, the one I am sitting has been reserved. Without a word of apology and was quite rude in his manners. I was seated by one of his staff. They made a mistake not checking on availability before seating a member. The least they should do is offer an apology, but none was offered. Never seen the service in Compass Room like this before, quite disappointing. So I left.
2. We have seen rats running around in the car park, perhaps we can call in pest control?
Kellett IslandPlease ask the Trainers to keep the voices and music at a low volume!2017-10-28
Kellett IslandThe mobile phone used by the sampan always malfunction, cannot receive any call. Please buy another one as standby and switch the sim card, and put it in a waterproof bag.2017-10-18
Kellett Island1. Thanks for the nicely decorated new gym. I and my hubby are frequent users. Just one point to suggest: for the exercise floor mats, can you fix them on the wall for easy access and convenient return after use since it’s not convenient to roll it up and down every time. Besides, the floor mats in rolling form cannot be kept straight for use on the floor causing hiccups when doing exercise. Furthermore, they are not easily dry after the cleaner has cleaned the mats.

2. The shower facilities in the changing room are excellent. But if there are movable shower head, that’s even better because the shampoo or body soap on the floor cannot be thoroughly cleaned away because of the fixed shower head. If there are additional shelves inside the shower room to hold the personal items such as facial cleaner or personal shampoo, that will be great and more convenient.

3. Can you consider to put a small plastic basket near each equipment to hold iphone & towel for users so that users no need to put the stuff on the dirty floor.

Thanks for consideration and your great work.
Kellett IslandI saw a lorry called in and turned around of the container hit the tree on the far left from the view of the reception box (pls ask your staff). Please talk to the lorry company (DHC, I suppose) to avoid any further incident of such. I love that tree. Thx.2017-10-14
Kellett IslandRats have been spotted on the Bistro terrace lately. It is particularly embarrasing as a member when you bring guests to dine there.2017-10-11
Kellett IslandThe aircon is fair too low!2017-10-11
Kellett IslandRats have been seen on Bistrot terrace, especially after 9pm.

Suggest staff to sweep under tables after each sitting and bates to be set.
Kellett IslandRegarding the Youth Room age limit, there is no specific indication at the entrance. Age 8 or above are not allowed to enter the Kids' Playroom but Youth Room should have age limit as well.

I have 2 concerns regarding this:

(A) 8 and above are not allowed in Kids' Playroom for safety reason, if the young kids are playing in the Youth Room, wouldn't it be defeating the purpose of that rule?

(B) The Youth Room is already not very big (in fact much smaller than the Kids' Playroom), since the under 8 already have Kids' Playroom designed specifically for them. Shouldn't youths have a space that is really for them to chill instead of having them to mix with the young kids?
Kellett IslandHi,

Previously we could enjoy using club wifi by simply joining the wifi network at the club.
Now, some geek has found that you can add an annoying splash screen that you have to click yet. So, from having an automated process to access club wifi, it's now more difficult for no reason what so ever. Without being a lawyer, I am sure that whatever that tells us that we need to click yet on would not be very legal anyway.
This also limits any device that has not access to a browser from using the club wifi.

Anyway, my suggestion is that we change it back to what it was which will make life slightly easier for everyone.

Kellett IslandOn 17/9/2017 Sunday afternoon,my kid going to the playroom and noticed there is a party for the kids. She enjoyed very much. Thanks for the Committee who organized this kind of activities. Should organize more if possible.2017-09-22
Kellett IslandHi All,
The new Playroom is absolutely fantastic !
Kellett IslandHi!

We would like to say thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job on the new gym. We just love it. Great equipment, cold water and very good air conditioning! A true value added to our club.

Additionally, the women's bathroom/changing room facilities, especially the steam and dry sauna rooms are very nicely decorated and comfortable to use. The showers could be more powerful but they have a steady flow of hot water which is a bonus!

Great job to the renovation team on this one. Thank you!!
Kellett IslandJust a quick note, because you prob haven't noticed.
Can we please turn the AC fan speed down to level 1 or 2 for the AC near locker 88.
I do not think it always needs to be set to on full blast MAX level.
It is so powerful, that even the vent on the ceiling has condensation accumulating which will lead to mould and damage in the future.
Below are two videos of the area and the max AC in action.
Kellett IslandSorry to bang on about this because the AC issue is NOT fixed. The gym is still hot and now there is an AC issue in the Studio – the ACs constantly turn off and won’t go below 22 degree, which might be ok for 1-2 people but trust me, with a class of 6 it is horrendous, hot and the floor is wet. Perhaps a dehumidifier if you insist on limiting the AC to 22 degree?!2017-09-06
Kellett IslandIs there currently a way for the Reception ladies to ask the guard manning the main gate to ask taxis in the vicinity to enter the Club to pick up passengers? If not, please can we have a way for the main gate guard to ask taxis to come in for this purpose, such as installing a taxi wanted sign at the main gate? I frequently see empty taxis going through the roundabout without entering the Club even when there are people inside waiting for taxis.2017-09-02
Kellett IslandBaby chairs in Bistro (probably elsewhere as well) is dirty, worn out and some of them simply unsafe. I really appreciate the efforts by all in enhancing and upgrading the many club facilities. Perhaps its time to pay attention to the baby chairs?2017-08-30
Kellett IslandI left my keys after gym at 530pm yesterday then to Main Bar for drinks and dinner (female locker #85).

After dinner, I went home around 730pm, arriving at 8pm. It was then I found out keys were not with me. I called your reception right away, they told me no report of lost key. 5 mins later, after the details of my whereabouts, they told me keys were found and I could retrieve anytime tomorrow or even then.

I had the same sort of experience 2 months ago, at the time gym was opened. To say it again 2 ½ hrs of time lease and no workman/woman was able to detect the situation is unacceptable. More so it was a repeated issue.

Please do something about it in words and in deeds. Thanks!
Kellett IslandI think that the PIN (to change seat position) has a missing part – it is too loose. This is for the “Leg extension / curl” machine.2017-08-21
Kellett IslandIt has brought to my notice that the male bath room have been kept sting with urine, and I have also witnessed an old man “pissed” at the bath room.

I recommend the Club to place some notice-board at the bath-room like “TOILET” to indicate where about the toilet area are inside the male changing room. Thank you.
Kellett IslandSeat & height adjusters in equipment need align – quite hard to move/adjust.2017-08-15
Kellett IslandToo hot especially on the aerobic machines in the early morning sun. Exercise room is much better.2017-08-14
Kellett IslandIs there anything we can do about the AC in the main gym? It’s so hot! Thanks.2017-08-14
Kellett IslandHello,

Poolside: We notice that the clearing of tables is not consistent and frequent. As much as we do our part to bring back our food, many members don't (though not obliged to), and so the poolside quickly looks messy.

Main Bar - new outdoor lounge area: Wonderful setting, great view....I question the BUCKET LIST concept which is overly complicating things for starters and mains. For dips and finger foods, perhaps, but for other dishes, a nicely presented plate of food works better in my opinion.

But more importantly, I strongly doubt painted and soldered iron buckets are good for eating food off them.

Thank you.
Elliot Froidevaux
Kellett IslandWe visited your new gym and swam in the pool last Sat 22July. A bit surprised to note the ceiling in ladies' changing is a bit worn down. The steam room should be shut down in view of cracks noted on the floor. Will it pose any danger when the room is over heated etc... Looks very unsafe for your members. Appreciate you keep a look. Other than that the new facilities are top notch!2017-07-25
Kellett IslandHi there,
I use the gym facilities or squash court at the club 3-4 times a week. I also really like to Sauna. But the sauna is never on in the morning?? It says the operating hours are from 0800 however it is never warm by then. One morning I even turned it on upon arrival only to find it turned off with the door open when I came back from the gym... Could this please be adjusted as I know me and fellow morning people would be very happy.
Kellett IslandMaybe it’s advisable to put a door between the equipment and group class areas. The instructor is screaming and cheering the people in class understandably but it’s a nuisance to other users. Thanks.2017-07-22
Kellett IslandCurrently in the gym there is no machine to allow one to engage in 45 degree back extensions. Kindly see attachment for the image of equipment.

Can you advise if in the future this machine will likely be purchased as it is a basic machine most gyms carry.


Kellett IslandI must say that helper in changing room ladies is helpful and always greet members with smile and has good member too.2017-07-16
Kellett Island1. New outdoor Bar area – It’s too dark. Please consider putting more lights.
2. Changing Room in the pool – The one on the right hand side. The shower water flow is too slow.
Thank you!
Kellett IslandOur kids love the new kids playroom. Great new asset for the Club and looking forward to the outdoor play area too.

I would like to make a suggestion from the adults perspective which may encourage more adults/spouses with young kids to come down – that the Club provide an attendant to give parents some flexibility with being with the kids in the playroom at all times. Doesn’t have to be all the time, but at pre-agreed times for instance Saturday afternoons and one or two week day afternoons.

Another idea is for kids over a certain age, say 5 or 6 to be allowed to use the playroom without an adult in attendance. We had a lovely dinner at the bistro last week and the kids wanted to play while the adults finished their dinner but were not allowed in the room without one of us present, although we could see them through the window from where we were sitting.

It’s also quite awkward for parents in the playroom as there isn’t really anywhere to sit and always seemed to be in the way when standing – more an issue when busy. Perhaps we could put a bench in the playroom for adults or even a few seats outside on the balcony area so that parents can be in attendance without getting in the way.

Happy to discuss the ideas and possible solutions in more detail. Thanks for considering my suggestions.
Kellett IslandPlease place a bench near the taxi waiting area. Would be really helpful for members with kids/bags or who are expectant mothers.2017-07-02
Kellett Island1. Any traffic arrangement during 29/6 to 2/7?

2. Men's Changing room most electric hand soup don't work. Better back to basic manual.

3. Men's Changing room few electric sink tap don't work. Better back to basic manual.
Kellett IslandPlease consider adding English language news channel(s) to TV on machines e.g. BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News. Thank you.2017-06-27
Kellett IslandThere is insufficient floor space in the aerobic room due to classes early morning. Would you consider opening the kid’s playroom for those who wants a place to do mat exercises. Thank you!
p.s. Opening at 0700 will be great.
Kellett Island1. Could you remind members not to drop or free fall the weight. It will damage the equipments and create unnecessary noise particularly when concentrating doing exercise.
2. Please also remind members to keep their voice low.
Kellett IslandSuggestions re Men's Changing Room
1. Put a suggestion book in the Men's Changing Room

2. Place a few Men's toiletries, i.e. spray deodorant, perhaps

3. Run a cold water tap (this may take a bit of effort) out from under the sauna bench to facilitate filling the bucket.

4. Install personal valuable belonging baskets (i.e. Rolex watches) inside locker doors. It seems such watches do not react well to contact with the slate floors (baskets available @ J.H.H)
Kellett IslandThe staff of the food kiosk at the pool are forced to wear long black business suit type trousers. They must be very hot in the summer. Would it not be more appropriate for them to wear white or khaki shorts, like the lifeguards? Pool staff at most hotels seem to wear white shorts.2017-06-19
Kellett IslandPlease reinstall the white smaller punching bag. That serves a different training purpose. Thanks!2017-06-17
Kellett IslandReception lobby of Compass Rm

This area is facing west and north with large windows. No air con or ventilation is provided here (windows are not opened). In summer sunshine comes in after 12 till 8 in the evening. Hot air traps in this lobby and temperature builds up quite a lot. Existing site conditions restricted provision of air condition from the main plant. With the door of Compass Rm open will help a bit but it will affect the comfort of the first table near the entrance.

If you need to experience the condition, be there after 6pm for 10 minutes with the compass room door closed.

Hope this situation will be improved when the new lift is installed, but this will be at least 18 months later.

For the benefit of staff and members working in this lobby please provide a free standing moveable air conditioner in the lobby. Carrier, German Pool, Midea and MIT etc, carry such units. Price ranges from HK$2500 to $4000.

Facilities committee and management please spare some cash from emergency works budget to have the a/c unit in place before this hot summer.

Patrick Kwan
Kellett IslandBack extension dip bars2017-06-14
Kellett IslandMay we please have English subtitles on the Pearl? Chinese News & affairs program (& English subtitles if possible or all Chinese Language Channels)2017-06-12
Kellett IslandRegarding the small bicycle, when it is in "Pause", the program unexpectedly ended. Please check, thanks.2017-06-11
Kellett IslandHere we goes again…
- English accessible TV controls and subtitles
- Let members sign out the remote
- ‘GHR’ machines lower back muscles-simple pommel
- WD40
Kellett IslandGreat if the starter box webcam could work again online (to view the sunset series)2017-06-08
Kellett IslandMMA Fitness instructor no show!! Unimpressed!2017-06-07
Kellett IslandInstructor arrive in a timely fashion.
Bike Portend programming NFG (or maybe I’m a drongo) & Mike Jack no good. Various bits of gear need a drop of oil (i.e. Houseman needs training). But actually pretty awesome.
Kellett IslandAround 7am the gym was really hot - check the AC system? The studio was nice + cold but the gym was a sauna.2017-06-06
Kellett IslandMain Bar
1. More Coat/hat hooks
2. Fan at west end of Main Deck needs longer cord so it can be plugged in and operate for old bar terrace (180 degree) when necessary as Sunday 4/5am - No one on Main Deck at that time
3. Better pens
4. Bloody Caesar on cocktail list
Kellett IslandLocker Room – Men’s
Would it be possible to put a small shelf above each urinal stall so that we can place my phone/keys/drinks/etc. while we are trying to urinate? Thank you.
Kellett IslandDefect Sheet for Equipment. Can't find sign in book.2017-06-05
Kellett IslandVery Weak Wifi signal on Main Deck from RHKYC signals. POS one is good, would be great to also got a normal connection in same area. Waterside Wifi connects but doesn't work, Main Bar Wifi is missing. Thanks.2017-06-04
Kellett IslandInterval timer (digital) inside Gym.2017-06-02
Kellett IslandWith the recent development in Yacht Club, I propose:
a) More Chinese newspaper at the Main Deck area.
b) Can 'Apple Daily' be included as one of the newspaper available
c) Can a set of television be available at somewhere for members while they are around. Thank you.
Kellett IslandSeeing as there is a sink in the Children's Playroom, perhaps it would be prudent to install a paper towel dispenser nearby. Thanks.2017-05-24
Kellett IslandVery nice new changing room facilities.

For men, I noted the new sauna facilities has no emergency button inside. In case of near collapse, it is important to have an emergency call button near the ground level to call for help. In addition, regular surveillance by attending staff will be helpful, in case someone collapse inside the sauna but unable to call help.
Kellett IslandThe new gym facilities are very nice. However there are insufficient rowing machines and one has a broken PM5 monitor. One of the clubs focus is rowing therefore I would expect sufficient rowing machines which are kept in good working order. Also suggest that the PM4 monitor be upgraded to PM5 so that we can enjoy the Bluetooth connection to track workouts.2017-05-22
Kellett IslandPlease put up more wall clocks in the gym. Thank you.2017-05-21
Kellett IslandI don't think the movie really work in the kids playroom. I would suggest doing them in the Chart Room, some kids want to play and there is noise. No one can enjoy the movie.2017-05-21
Kellett IslandBeing the member for 2 years now, I truly find the sports facilities in the club not enough for kids/youth/family. How come it even doesn't have a basic basketball hoop /basketball court when we have so many squash courts??? Why can't we turn one squash court into a multi sports function room where we can play basketball or other ball games + squash.

Do you know basketball is a very popular sports in HK ? and many clubs do have such basic facility. I truly hope for club's consideration of this simple request to add basketball hoop/court in Yacht club to accommodate the need of basketball fans!
Kellett IslandThis is an unpleasant experience using a bucket to serve food in chart room, bar and new open area. I also think using bucket is not hygienic. You always use cabbage as decoration. This method is a waste of food.

Please serve Bistro food menu in aforesaid areas.
Kellett IslandI just finished eating the bucket list and I think Using buckets to eat is not very appropriate It is not very convenient I also think it is a waste to put food in a bucket because most people will just put back the food on the plate

Please take action to improve the situation
Kellett IslandI like to share with you what happened yesterday.

I left Yacht Club (YC) at 3pm, went to hospital for some treatments. After the treatment, I was home by 830pm, found out my set of keys was no where to be found. That was the time I called reception of YC. They told me no report on finding any keys and they were help to tell me they would trace.

At ten, I got a call, since I was not aware of the incoming call, a message was lift, telling me keys were found and I am welcome to pick up the day after. And at the Gym.

Two questions I asked:
1. Unlike normal time, why would it take so long to find out. From 3pm to almost 10pm.

2. Would it be best if any item will be picked up at reception than Gym or any individual section. I find, with the new Gym, man power allocated are of utmost shortage. I hope management will look into it so that normal operation will be normal if not of good quality.

I am an absent minded person, of the many times forgetting things at YC, they were dealt with in better manner.

Hope that my suggestion will be looked into. Thank you.
Kellett Island1. Majority of people using the gym don’t use towels or wipe down equipment always sweat and head oil on equipment – more signs to use towels?
2. 2xSquat racks too close together, can’t use both at once.
3. No pull up bar
4. No dip bar
Kellett IslandTo Commodore/General Manager,

The newly open Gym are well equipped with update machines.

1. However, the sweat from users remain on the machine after one finishes using it. No member wipe and dry. I always feel to wipe and dry before I use any.

2. A member violates GYM rules 7. Came in with bare feet, topless only wears a short. One staff came in said nothing to this member but just walk away. This is not a scene to be seen in the GYM, particularly lady members are there. I stop my exercise and left.

3. Hairs on the floor of the steam room. Suggestion: Notices has to be served to members of the Club that they should disciple themselves when using any facilities of the Club particularly point 2 should not happen.
Kellett IslandGym
Would it be possible to get a unit to exercise the lower back please? We have multiple machines to exercise the abdominal muscle correctly but not for the lower back muscle. I believe the unit is called “ Hamma Strength Back Extension” in the website.

Locker Room
Please move comb storage box back to original counter top level. It is very awkward in its current high shelf location.

Thank you
Kellett IslandNew Locker Room:

1. Would be nice to have a large sink to rinse bathing suit before placing into before in old locker room.

2. Would be nice to have a little tray in the shower to put your own soap/toiletries in...same as old locker room. (I was referring to the large open shower stall area, not the individual shower stalls.) Thanks
Kellett IslandBand in the Main Bar not to everyone's taste. Please desist with immediate effect.2017-04-27
Kellett IslandHi - could someone from the F&B team please explain to members why the club has started to charge for guests in the Compass Room? I'm referring to the prices for the upcoming Michelin dinner, where non members are charged more. Whilst I appreciate that these special events are popular and may limit availability to members when large numbers of guests are invited, I don't think that dual pricing is the right way forward. Surely this is no different to the Bistro on Sunday evenings when large extended family groups can limit the availability of tables for members? It's worth consulting members on dual pricing before going ahead with it.2017-04-08
Kellett IslandDear RHKYC Office,

l would greatly appreciate your help.

After waiting patiently for the pool opening, my wife and l were sad to find the sundeck roped off.

Although we understand it is only temporary, please can the furniture be stored elsewhere so that we may enjoy this valued private area during the weekend?

Thank you very much in advance for your kind understanding.

Best regards,

Tom Grey.
Kellett IslandFor the men's locker room, possible to have (disposable) toiletries members can use, e.g. razor?
- spray deodorant
- other?

And if we need to sign for anything, so be it.

Kellett IslandSuggest to replace the Club flag for the hire-boat shuttle between the Club and Noon-Gun. The flag was so old and faded that I cannot recognized it as one of the hire boat. Thanks.2017-03-04
Kellett IslandAlmost everyday around 9:15am, someone has been smoking in the gents toilet inside the changing. I could smell it in the shower area. Suggest to put up 'no smoking' sign inside the WC cubicle. Perhaps the attendant can tell the person responsible not to smoke.2017-03-02
Kellett IslandA kid shit on the floor of hades room up to the Compass Room. Disgusting!2017-02-05
Kellett Island22 Jan - The pedals of the small do not work properly. The problems exist for months without attention nor follow-up actions.

5 Feb - The pedals of the small bicycle are still not working well. Please make a thorough inspection by cycling for at least 5 minutes. Fix it ASAP. Thank you!
Kellett IslandMembers are now entitled to have two cars registered. Suggested to have 2 car numbers on each label same as LRC, Football Club, etc., which will become more flexible.2016-12-16
Kellett IslandIn the temporary men's changing room in the new wing can the cables for the hairdryers be extended by 300mm in order that we use in the standing position?2016-12-07
Kellett IslandThe pool F&B staff are currently made to wear black business-suit style long trousers. They must be very hot and they look incongruous.

Why don't they wear white shorts? At most 4 or 5 star hotels, outdoor pool F&B staff usually wear white shorts.

White shorts would go well with the YC casual blue shirts that they wear.

Edward Alder
Kellett IslandHi - is it possible to provide some guidance to drivers of private cars waiting for members? They often park in the disabled bay, Committee bays or just generally block the turning circle for other members. It would be great if they could be asked to park in a regular bay instead if they are waiting for longer than a few minutes. Thanks.2016-11-18
Kellett IslandTempeature at the compass room was freezing a week ago and last weekend as well. Is it possible to have the air condition set at a slightly higher temperature?

Thank you.

Christoph Zinke
Kellett IslandI am fed up with coming to The Club. Driving through congested traffic only to leave the pool is closed. 3 times in past two weeks. No notification on website and calling – couldn’t get through. Fix this please.2016-10-28
Kellett IslandI just learnt the semi-buffet lunch in compass room has been replaced by executive lunch set since July. However, I do suggest the club should consider to keep at least 1 - 2 days in weekday for the semi-buffet, since it is a more relax style for enjoying the lunch in the club during lunch.2016-10-13
Kellett IslandHi All,
Once again, the boys behind the Main Bar this past Saturday afternoon were totally fantastic.
Special thanks to Eric who makes the best Margarita in town, and to Derick who, for some mysterious reason, always seems so happy to be helping even the most unpleasant customers. Thanks boys !
Kellett IslandI wonder whether many members are gin enthusiasts? If so, might it be possible to have a fuller range of gins in the Club? I gather gin keeps well for a long time, so even if gins like Sipsmiths or Ophir or Plymouth or The Botanist didn't sell quickly, would it matter?

I also wonder if a gin tasting evening might be a welcome attraction?

Thanks for your consideration.
Kellett IslandHad very unpleasant experience at Bistro today, during lunch, around 1:50pm. A member who arrived and sat on table 104, started using very foul language to complain about something to Geoffrey – the manager. My family, including children and seniors, were at the next table. This causing keep going on until I had to walk over myself and suggest this person to mind his language. This is a family Club so this type of behavior is unacceptable. So first of all, I hope the Club will take action and respond this offending member.

Second, the manager – Geoffrey in this case, should stop this member from swearing once he heard it. Whatever the guidance, such service is not acceptable. I hope the staff can do the right thing and confront such fail behavior and I am sure Club management would support them in such an event. I left my number with the reception so feel free to contact me should you need any further clarification. Thank you.
Kellett IslandHi,
Is it possible to have filtered water available at the bistro, bar and pool? I am concerned that the tap water supplied is contaminated- it has a foul taste and smell. Filtered water should be provided everywhere on club premises for our children to drink.
Kellett IslandI come to Club to do some work in Chart Room. It was booked out, Club room not available, bar closed. There needs to be a space for members to use facilities while club is open.2016-09-26
Kellett IslandWhat should I do in addition to calling the police and my lawyer when being verbally insulted and almost physically threatened by a table of veteran (over 20 years, they claimed) but obviously drunken Members @ the Bistro in the late evening on Sat? Trigger point: I asked them not to speak foul language to our staff. We should have more CCTVs in the Club. HKJC has CCTVs in all 3 clubhouses and 2 racecourses. We can copy that.2016-09-25
Kellett IslandWill the Club consider imposing guest parking charge for a better control of parking space. I know most of the clubs in HK do charge guest parking either at an hourly rate or a fixed amount.2016-09-21
Kellett IslandThere is no hot water in the big (handicapped) toilet in the pool. And also it often has a bad smell. Please look into it.2016-09-19
Kellett IslandI note that the new areas around the Main Bar (e.g. roof of Central Block & East Wing Extension) will have a few trees and many plants.

May I suggest that the plants consist of some of the following?


And perhaps plant some basil and rosemary and peppermint, which the chefs can use in cooking dishes at the club.


Because mosquitoes hate these plants. Any natural way to discourage mosquitoes in these areas would benefit club members.

Mac Overton
Kellett IslandToilet on main floor in the ladies room does not flush properly. Last stall near the window. Thanks!2016-09-07
Kellett IslandThe "Spanish Chorizo with Prawns" small portion is unreasonably priced. $98 for just 2 shrimps and 2 small diced chorizo. Please kindly look into this.2016-09-02
Kellett IslandPlease check the cross trainer with the screen. Noise coming out when paddling starts.2016-08-28
Kellett IslandPool Lights
Why do the pool lights need to be so bright!?? What an unbelievably not enjoyable experience with my family tonight. 20 years I’ve been swimming here and this not only is over unnecessary BUT ALSO is (a) light pollution and (b) a waste of Club $$$. Please instruct staff to turn off some of the flood lights. This is overkill. Thanks. PS. Even the lifeguards and staff say this is too bright for them. Requires sunglasses to work at the pool in the evening now. Very ridiculous!

Kids Birthday Party at the Poolside today – suggestion
Please DO NOT give out kids noise makers at the children’s birthday party B/C (1) makes excessive noise. Sounds like a loud, nosy flock of geese! (2) I saw 4 members leave the pool after the staff told them there was nothing they could do (3) the staff were also annoyed and irritated by the noise (4) I had many pool parties for my son in the past. We did not have noise makers. Solution: Strongly suggest to substitute noise makers for another toy for the kids. Thanks
Kellett IslandI visit as an absent member for a day from Thailand and you want to charge me HK$250 for visiting. You must be joking?2016-08-09
Kellett IslandHi - is it possible to make one of the upstairs balcony areas non-smoking? Maybe just the area outside the Chart Room? It's nice to sit out and enjoy the view with a drink, however this is often spoiled when someone steps outside for a smoke. This would still leave the Main Lawn corridor and Main Bar balcony areas free for smokers.2016-07-29
Kellett IslandPlease re-install the pull up bar inside the temporary and new gym.

Please consider purchasing parallel dip bars for the new gym.
Kellett IslandPlease consider putting a cloth hanger in the handicap toilet of the pool.2016-07-24
Kellett IslandThe pool counter recently stopped selling sunscreen lotion, since the new ship shop started to operate. This is inconvenient for pool users, dripping wet and ran out of sunscreen, to walk over to the ship shop and make the purchase. Any reason we can't resume selling sunscreen at the pool counter as a member service? We don't need the entire selection, just a couple will do.

Thanks for your consideration.

Kellett IslandWith all the money being spent on renovation is there any plan to renovate and replace all the broken and badly worn furniture and fittings in the Main Bar, the Terrace and Chart Room. Things are so bad that it is an embarrassment to bring guests to these venues. Management's early response is appreciated.
Kellett IslandWould be great to have a few phone chargers in the main bar.2016-07-10
Kellett IslandI have been reading the RHKYC News. It IMOP is well structured and informative.
I have in the past suggested that the status of the KI Project be updated in Ahoy so the Membership could appreciate the progress that is being made and also become more informed on how we are doing on our financial support of the KIP.
Like many members when I first joined the club the Compass room was pretty shabby and I saw it transformed into a delightful first class restaurant. The current club renovation as well will stand for many years as an ambitious undertaking of which each of us has contributed our funds to make happen. I think all members would be very appreciative to have some periodic updates on the project. These could be included in the RHKYC News letter.

Paul Ames
Kellett IslandThe new little fan on the wall in the Main Bar looks more tidy but it doesn't do the job. Can we please have a)more wall fans or b)the big free-standing fan back. Those of us standing in the bar really don't care what the fans look like, we just want to stop sweating. Thks.2016-07-04
Kellett IslandSquat rack and mirrors please!2016-06-29
Kellett IslandThere are a multitude of issues with the new annex which seem to be ignored at the moment:
1. Men’s toilet / changing room door opens directly on to corridor so those standing at suits are hit by door and everyone exposed to outside in various states of undress
2. It takes up to 15mins for hot water to come through in basins and showers
3. Trying to fill basin for shave is impossible as taps can’t be kept on without leaving hand to trigger or sensor
4. Shower area floods as no drain under matting
5. Swim suit spinner has been broken for almost 2 weeks
6. Staircase to gym/changing room is so narrow that everyone wants to use lift for which here is over demand
I know this is a supposed to be a “temporary” arrangement but it does not bode well for the design or execution of the new block and no management has been present to snag issues or hear feedback. Very Poor!
Kellett IslandWind has been blowing directly from the Air-conditioner above the treadmill. Already advised at least three times verbally but no improvement has been seen. Why?2016-06-27
Kellett IslandWhy Tatler magazine 2013 June still on the magazine rack in the swimming pool. We want to read update magazine not 3 ½ years old2016-06-25
Kellett IslandPlease could we use fresh milk instead of UHT milk? The cost difference is negligible but the taste in tea and coffee is very large.

Also, a few weeks ago UHT was used to make the cream in a desert. Fresh would have made it amazing.

Thank you

Kellett IslandHello,

2 ceiling fans at one end by the swimming pool don't work and have not been for a while. Please could they be repaired. Thanks.
Kellett Island- More mirrors for weight area
- Room for a Squat Rack?
- Mentioned before: A Chin up bar / DIP Bar
Kellett IslandPlease fix 2 fans by pool. Staff know that they're not working but say nobody will fix them. Thanks.2016-06-19
Kellett IslandSuggestions received recently regarding the new temporary Gym in the Annex New Wing:
- It will be nice to have the Wi-Fi connection, TV or Music, thanks
- Put clock in front of right treadmill
- Install chin up bar where scale is now
- Instead of “Door may open unexpectedly” put a window there
- Cold towel please
Kellett IslandSnooker table may need to be moved towards the door way, away from the window side to suit full functioning of the snooker table.2016-06-16
Kellett IslandA digital clock opposite the squash courts would be useful to the players that are playing squash.2016-06-12
Kellett IslandI always have trouble getting a taxi out of kellette and it's a very frustrating experience. I see many people having the same problem. Ever since I downloaded Uber, i am able to get in and out quickly. I think it will be very helpful if you add on the sign next to the public phone, along with the 3 taxi company nos, just say; "alternatively you can download Uber". You will be doing all the members and non members a huge favour.
Whenever I see someone online getting frustrated I would tell them to download Uber.
Kellett IslandSwimming Pool - water mosquito / water flees, feeling bites.2016-06-05
Kellett IslandAs new members, we went for diner to the Compass Room and enjoyed everything (food, service, general atmosphere, wine) except the cheese which was below the standard of the rest. There is a supplier in who import excellent cheese directly from france, and one can order among a choice of several hundreds from one of the best cheese shop in Paris, delivered twice a week, and at French prices ! . contact she will give you the list.2016-06-05
Kellett IslandIt would be nice to have a sort of roof over the car park entry and exit gates so we don't get the car interior all wet every time when going in or coming out of the car park when placing the membership card on the registration machine when it is raining
Thank you in advance
Kellett IslandWould appreciate very much if there's a small indoor space be allocated for a table tennis table. Kindly consider please!2016-05-25
Kellett IslandIs it possible to set up a deal with Uber - to book from the Club and have the member's account billed by Uber?2016-05-09
Kellett IslandPot plants at the main stone steps leading to Chart Rm:
pls relocate them to left hand side, to enable people to use a continuous handrails on the right hand side. At present moment one has to change in the middle of the steps, quite dengereous. Shall our safety officer has a look at this?

Kellett IslandJust want to let you know that there is an error code showing in the gas water heater control panel which is installed next to the sail bins yesterday and this morniing. I suggest your technical staff shall perform routine check on the system and rectify any problem asap especially during the first year warranty period.2016-04-12
Kellett IslandReplace yellow cones around pool w. decent and better looking notices. (P.S. They look cheap.)2016-04-05
Kellett IslandAre we going to have the pool party back this summer?2016-04-05
Kellett IslandDear all,
A suggestion about boats (as in...Yacht Club), for a change :
Is there any chance we could install an extra webcam, for example on top of the tunnel ventilation building, overseeing the typhoon shelter, so we can keep an eye on our boats when day dreaming in the office ?
Alternatively, an extra webcam covering the south side of the yard ?
Kellett IslandPlease keep the gym facilities within the premises of the Yacht Club during the renovation period. One humble suggestion is to move the equipments to the squash court in the new building on a temporary basis. And also please clean the equipments in the gym room more often.2016-03-25
Kellett IslandPlease could we have more salad options at the club? The cricket and football clubs have these great options to create your own salads and they are so popular I don't think there is any need for other salads. I have attached a picture of the options that they have available, I think it would be very easy to introduce.

Kellett IslandNot the correct form I know but we had 6 places in the Compass Room for dinner. It was a fab night - the food was fantastic and all was just as it should be. Please relay my thanks to the staff at front desk and the chefs it was darn good!2016-03-12
Kellett IslandDear Sir/Madam,

I respectively request that the grey plastic mattings that are currently cushioning the sun shade umbrella bases on the upper sun deck of the swimming pool be replaced. The majority of these mats are falling apart with old age and are quite unsightly and may also be unhygienic.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Tom Grey.
Kellett IslandNext winter, could the Bistro air-con not be raging at a low temperature when it is cold outside?
1. I object to paying (as a member) for high, unnecessary air-con costs when the ambient temperature is cold anyway.
2. I object to destroying the environment.
3. When it is so cold, it makes my family choose to eat at restaurants outside of the yacht club - when it's too cold to eat Sunday lunch outside the Bistro and the air-con makes it too cold inside.
P Letters
Kellett Island1) Why does the mini bus no longer run between the Club and Central? With all the roadworks, I know that many members avoid the Club at times, also due to difficulty getting a cab. Surely the bus would help alleviate this.

2) The gym. Why not set up in the Club somewhere else, rather than Excelsior. This is not a viable option for those in the morning who use the gym, shower, and then go to work.
Kellett IslandI will be very grateful for your attention to my food comments.

We dine regularly at the club, mostly at Kellet Island. Lately, we are finding very limited Vegetarian food options at the Bistro and usually the options are veg curries which has lot of oil floating, lowering the quality of the food along with the health factor. The most recent dinner we had was on CNY dinner on 9th Feb, where I had only one main dish that did not consist of meat or fish. The salad tongs were all mixed, people were using the same tong for meat and veg (always the case), therefore not possible for vegetarian to enjoy even salad. I would suggest that please increase the variety in Vegetarian in both A La Carte and buffet menu and clearly label the dishes with a 'V' sign to show it is vegetarian. Kindly put a message for the guests beside the salad counter to not mix the serving spoon / tongs for meat and veg.

I will appreciate any action taken towards my comments.

Many thanks,
Kellett IslandWe are about the only yacht club i know where anyone can just walk in and use the club without registering. As costs go up, which we as membership bear, can we introduce a system whereby everyone registers on arrival at the club so we dont, in essence, pay for free-loaders?

For members this would be an easy swipe of their membership card. For non-members, a need to pass by or through reception. Its about time that ex-members, partners of members or spouses who have not joined were not free to use the club as if it were there own.
Kellett IslandThe gym room is leaking / dripping and it is difficult to do exercise there. You can't imagine the situation and it seems like no one manages the place.2016-01-20
Kellett IslandLove this Club but miss the bell, when will it be back?2016-01-19
Kellett IslandI had lunch at the Bistro today, a Sunday. There were so many kids running around, jumping, even skating, it was a quite irritating for other members. More importantly, it creates danger for the staff serving hot food / carry lots of plates. I have seen the Bistro staff talk to the kids to no avail. Can the Club empower the Bistro staff / manager to take stronger action when repeated warnings are ignored. Please talk to the female manager for her account. Thank you.2016-01-11
Kellett IslandThe X trainer by the door is in poor condition again and needs a service - the pressure is too much and it is grinding.2016-01-06
Kellett IslandAvellino, the piano player, was/is the best I've ever heard - and quite charming too.2015-12-25
Kellett IslandOnce again we received excellent service from the Ship Shop. James and Johnny went out of their way to find the right size for sailing wear. Many thanks to the Ship Shop staff. P.S. David is also very professional and helpful. Reception is wonderful - very helpful with our requests and our grandchildren. Keep it up!2015-11-28
Kellett IslandCross trainer near the door is making knocking sounds. Sorry!2015-10-05
Kellett IslandHandles on Life Fitness Bench press are loose and one fell off.

Kellett IslandCross trainer near door is making noise when used (each revolution). Thanks.2015-09-23
Kellett IslandOn Tuesday night 15/9/15 I arrived back on my mooring C11 at 1930. At 1950 I called for the sampan - no answer. Still no answer at 1955. As I understand it the sampan stops at 2000 on weekdays and a call at 1950 would have given ample time for collection and end work at 2000. Please explain why there was no sampan.2015-09-16
Kellett IslandRecommend include suggestion to wear long trouser to avoid getting bitten by mosquito, when using the Main Lawn facility in the summer and autumn seasons. For example, include suggestion in First Aid course.2015-09-08
Kellett IslandGet a proper video review system for the iPad. What you currently have has never worked. Easiest App in the world to produce.2015-08-03
Kellett IslandStaff at Reception seems to be allergic to aircon blowing straight down onto them. Made me sneeze as well - any problem there? Dust particles?2015-08-03
Kellett IslandWould the Club pls consider restricting the Bistro entrance area facing the car park to non-smoking? At least for now? As there is only entrance to Bistro, and smokers like to congregate around there, diners and kids are forced inhale second hand smoke to make their way in and out of the restaurant. Please prioritize the health and well being of the majority of members. Thank you.2015-08-02
Kellett IslandTotally and absolutely disgusting noise over Saturday lunchtime. I want my subscription back. 2 diggers!!2015-08-01
Kellett IslandA few ladies in the changing room using foul languages and also appeared to be quite drunk. They claim to be members but have not proof. This is not the first time these ladies are found cursing in the changing room. Members complained but nothing was done. Perhaps we should have a standard operating procedure in place for the changing room attendants and reception to follow. At least ask them to show membership card or HKID for our record, failing to produce both should ask security to escort them out. Warning letter should be sent out to these members.2015-07-31
Kellett IslandPlease put an electronic mosquito repellent in the Chart Room/Cigar Room. Buy a Raid one. I was bitten like crazy and itching like mad.2015-07-14
Kellett IslandPlease fix the reclining life cycle bicycle as it's not turning on. Thanks.2015-07-10
Kellett IslandFound the male changing really stink, with strange smell. The keeper said people leave sports shoes there for months!2015-07-05
Kellett Island1. No noisy works on Sundays please. Including hammering on rails and the use of any power tools please.

2. Please also relay complaint of noisy works on Sunday to the RE on the reclamation at W side of shelter. Thank you.
Kellett IslandSee attached image.

Kellett IslandReally would like to say big thank you and show my appreciation to the women's changing room staff - Ms Mak Fung Sim for returning/keeping the watch I left in gym room yesterday. Thanks a lot again!2015-07-01
Kellett IslandI fell down near the stone lions before entering the bowling alley. My knee was hurt and my right arm was bruised. I've heard that I am not the only one who fell down (in that area) in a week. Please handle this.2015-07-01
Kellett IslandPlease don't turn off the water cooler at night - chilled water is nice to drink in summer - not room temp! Thanks.2015-06-24
Kellett IslandIt would be nice if you asked your gate staff to be more polite when asking what people are doing when entering the Club. Thanks.2015-06-12
Kellett IslandNot a single reply to this Forum since May and then Thank you for your comment. What is happening to this Club?2015-06-09
Kellett IslandWe need to reinstate the Wine Panel as the wine in this Club is crap and expensive.2015-06-06
Kellett IslandCan we have a simple steak sandwich on the Bistro menu please? Sometimes a quick snack is useful! (w chips!!)2015-06-06
Kellett IslandSnooker Room
- Perhaps cue storage in new room would encourage player investment and participation, even space for storage of 10 cues securely would boost players available to play.
- Table also badly needs refurb and leveling when moved to new location.
Kellett IslandAlso from Knight-Evans, Thomas, Taylor, Atkinson and Botsford

The staff (ladies) have all been amazing tonight, not quite as pretty as Wing and Kid, but quite exceptional! Might I suggest Thai fish cakes be added to the Bistro menu as recognition of the laydeez' exceptional contribution to the Club?
Kellett IslandMiddle Island Menu BBQ

We love the BBQ at MI, however, the food to go with the meat is not so exciting. (Meat is great!) Could I suggest:

A cous cous salad
Tomato salad: just tomatoes, onion, herbs
Good salsas and sauces: guacamole, sals, Béarnaise etc.

That would be fantastic!
Kellett IslandPlease buy The Golden Era.2015-04-27
Kellett IslandI propose to do polo shirts, bags and caps with the full name like
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
instead of RHKYC, so this will make a nice present for people overseas. If it is only with RHKYC, no one will know where the present is from and therefore its value as present is limited.
Kellett IslandWe would like to recommend the Club to put back the DVD racks out to the Reception area instead of the book shelves because it is very difficult to look for the DVDs available and check the list of DVD. Thanks.2015-04-24
Kellett IslandiPod not connecting.2015-04-11
Kellett IslandOn Easter Sunday buffet. Members and guests should not wear jeans with holes in the Compass Room.2015-04-05
Kellett IslandI strongly condemn the present arrangement of having to walk up/down a flight of steps, crossing a pond and through a drencher/shower before going to the swimming pool. Actually I fell down when I walk across the pool and down the steps because the floor tiles of steps are not anti-slippery. Actually, for safety reason, the finishes of the stair should be anti-slippery, the pond should be dry, and the drencher/shower should be shut off for the time being to avoid further accident.2015-03-27
Kellett IslandReferring to response to suggested dated 1 Feb 2015 - how about mandatory autopay for all members?2015-03-26
Kellett IslandNext year for St Patrick's Night please roster the bar staff who know how to pour a Guinness properly. It has been very disappointing tonight.2015-03-17
Kellett IslandIs it possible to have the construction site machinery (i.e. diggers?) be less polluting. They spew black smoke constantly and smells terrible. Could not sit by the swimming pool for long.2015-03-14
Kellett IslandBC 331
PZ 625
(Last year's badge 2014).
Kellett IslandWhy don't we provide spray bottles with alcohol solution to wipe down equipment with?2015-02-25
Kellett IslandUpright cycle not working - fails to turn on when you pedal. Load clutch not engaging.2015-02-25
Kellett IslandPlease keep spicy tuna salad in the main menu at all times. Thanks v. much.2015-02-16
Kellett IslandLife fitness station. Pin missing in weight in shoulder/chest press station. Thanks. Please replace.2015-02-11
Kellett IslandTwo women were seen smoking outside the ladies toilet near the Bistro back door, the floor is messed with cigarette subs and so, please ensure that no person or member be smoking in that area, particularly keeping the club facilities hygiene and clean. Perhaps post some signs and delicate some authority to the amah in the toilet to enforce such compliance of members duties.2015-02-07
Kellett IslandIs there a limit as to how much non-payment debt a member can rack up before they are expelled / membership suspended? Should it be say one month? Shouldn't autopay be required for all members? I saw the list at the reception and was surprised by the number and amount of non-payment, which I assume will be borne by current members.2015-02-01
Kellett IslandShowers need to be hot! They were cold today after cold racing day.2015-01-24
Kellett IslandSeems to be a shortage of hot water in the showers after sailing - never normally a problem but has been the last few weeks. Can we get it sorted please.2015-01-24
Kellett IslandTo the Management
Dear Sirs,
Re: Lost & Found i-Phone 6
I would like to express my great appreciation to your staff Ms Mak Fung Siu of the ladies wash and changing rooms.
I forgot to pick up my new i-Phone 6 after washing hands, and she was so kind as to have found it and left it for me at the Reception desk.
Many thanks again to Ms Mak and to the co-operation of the staff at the Reception as well.
Kellett IslandPlease implement a time limit on gym equipment. Some members are inconsiderate and monopolize the equipment. I suggest 30 max on treadmill.2014-12-21
Kellett Islandi-Pad DVD Library
Not user friendly. Need to check back-end. Suggest to have a TV monitor for ......... (the rest of the suggestion is not legible).
Kellett IslandI would like to express my appreciation to your staff Ms Mak Fung Siu (Amah). She saw a boy of more than 6yrs old went and stayed in ladies bathroom in which many ladies were using it (taking bath and changing clothes) after the ATIR. She explained to the boy and his mother politely about Club rules and asked them not to do it next time. Ms Mak is very responsible to her work and her attitude is very polite. Good staff.2014-11-16
Kellett IslandWill the Club consider charging guest parking most of the clubs in HK are charging guest parking. I don't think the guests will mind paying. And it will increase the revenue of the club and prevent guest abuse the use of car park space.2014-11-14
Kellett IslandI saw a list of members being expelled from the Club for non-payment of debts. What measure the Club will take to prevent these irresponsible people to take advantage of our club.2014-11-14
Kellett Island(Referring to management response to 20 July and 30 July comments).
The sandwiches are crap. For two of my years as RCS they were on the SailCom agenda. Why?
Kellett IslandPossibly the worst nachos I have ever eaten. Why is simple food so hard for this Club. (I would appreciate an answer within 3 months.)2014-10-30
Kellett IslandSome Italian movies would be great and more foreign films. Thanks.2014-10-29
Kellett IslandSmall thing: Could the Club remind parents/children to leave the Games Room tidy - even if they find it a mess ...2014-10-26
Kellett IslandPlease turn down the A/C. The cold season is on us and the chart room is yet again freezing.2014-10-14
Kellett IslandWe have had a very pleasant stay for the evening with exceptional food and service. As a guest of the Royal Bavarian Yacht Club BYC in Starnberg Germany we thank you very much.2014-10-11
Kellett IslandSome bottles of water on committee boat!2014-10-04
Kellett IslandGluten free options (e.g. pasta)2014-09-30
Kellett IslandMacaroni cheese.2014-09-30
Kellett IslandPlease extend DVD hire to 7 days.2014-09-30
Kellett IslandThe plastic transparent car park label was not adhesive. It fell off very easily. This is the 2nd time I re-apply the label. Will the Purchasing Dept take note to check on the quality of this label? Thanks!2014-09-25
Kellett IslandA couple of issues:

1) My daughter was spoken to very rudely by Reception staff last week and a DVD snatched out of her hand. She asked if she could reserve it for me to pick up later and was told no - unequivocally. Secondly, what is the point of cadet membership if a 16-year-old can't even borrow a movie or have a friend quietly by the pool or Bistro? At every other club in Hong Kong it seems teenagers are allowed one guest at least - why not the RHKYC?
Kellett IslandThe sampan lady is so rude and the flag of the Yacht Club is so small to recognize. So I didn t get on the sampan.2014-09-07
Kellett IslandCould we possibly put 3 or 4 oscillating fans in the top corners of the room.2014-09-05
Kellett IslandPlease could you write a letter to the transport department about the current arrangements for taxis queuing for LPG gas. The line extends back a very long way and blocks access to the Club - it may need regular police control? Traffic control? Another system? Many thanks.2014-08-27

Poolside. Diving training.

I would like to file a complain about the fact that on a Sat morning. Why would Yacht Club rent the pool to outside for diving lessons.

1. They occupy a lot of the pool space / tables / chairs.

2. Their water splash all over the place and pushing all the younger kids to deep end. No space for members. Weekends are members only!!

3. While sitting on the chair and tables the coach are yelling (speaking) to the class right next to me disturbing my rest and the students just grab my chair and change (took off their suits behind me). Absolutely no manner and so damn noisy for a Sat afternoon relax time with my family. The pool facility should not be rented out on a weekend for such a massive class and with absolutely lack of courtesy to other members.
Kellett IslandWire cable has covering torn/cut on the multi-gym lat pull down. Not dangerous, but may need repair.2014-08-19
Kellett IslandMembers who aren't living in Hong Kong but who visit Hong Kong annually (re-activating their membership for the visit) are interested in pre-finding members who are interested in chartering their yacht for say a week. It's no use asking to put an ad on the board as absent members aren't allowed, and it's too late waiting till we arrive in Hong Kong. Please could a register of members willing to charter and the rate, be created and be available to absent members?2014-08-03
Kellett IslandNo response to my above complaint. Pretty darn poor!2014-07-30
Kellett IslandChicken Satay - 1st order was undercooked, 2nd order was the same. But the biggest issue is the quality of the meat - it is terrible, grey, rubbery and fatty. Is this a new supplier?2014-07-23
Kellett IslandWhy is the Sunday breakfast so expensive? You want just a bacon sandwich before going sailing and it is $105, outrageous.2014-07-20
Kellett IslandNot told from the beginning if have lunch hour still running!2014-07-04
Kellett IslandLast week I ordered a Beef Noodle from Bistro, there was a wooden chip (one inch long) mixed in the noodle. The day after, I ordered a Dark Vinegar Spare Ribs, the pork has got a funny taste (spoiled). I called and reported the 2 incidence. And the next day, I ordered the minced pork rice. The meat also have that taste. I dine at Bistro almost 5 days a week and the pork taste was never like that. I am not sure it is the summer weather makes it easy to spoil or if there is any other logistic reason. But I hope the club can find out the reason and improve because food poisoning could be serious. Also, one old problem about the minced pork, it always have sharp and hard bones mixed in it! Very dangerous.2014-06-30
Kellett IslandThere is a 10kg dumbbell missing. Thanks.2014-06-04
Kellett IslandThe rear speakers are not working - please check and fix.2014-05-30
Kellett IslandPlease put a triangle of wood as a ramp - so wheelchairs can enter Reception.2014-04-25
Kellett IslandSuggest to have Financial Times as a regular newspaper available to members daily. Thanks.2014-04-21
Kellett IslandPls fix the right most urinal in the men's room. The flush water overflows the urinal and can wet someone's pants (esp small children). I told the staff about it last week, and nothing was done. He told me today that he mentioned it to the repair dept but no action taken. If it cannot be fixed, pls at least close down the urinal. Thanks.2014-04-19
Kellett IslandToday two men were cleaning the air-con in the lady changing room in the morning. It would be better if notice is given to members a day before so we can avoid inconvenience. Email will be much appreciated.

Recently the machine for sterilizing combs is put in the middle of the desk. Together with 2 huge hair dryers there is no room to put cosmetics. May I suggest to put the machine somewhere else e.g. on top of the dehumidifier or somewhere that won't use up too much space. Will even better is the hairdryers can be hang up.
Kellett IslandCan you place some bag-jacket hooks around the gym? Otherwise it all goes on the floor. Thanks.2014-03-17
Kellett IslandCould we please replace the hooks under the glass cabinet at the end? They are really useful for bags and jackets. Thanks.2014-02-22
Kellett IslandJust happened. Family sitting outside (inside was full) in the cold for dinner. 2 guys came from inside Bistro, camped next to our table, and started puffing away. Is that within or against the rules? Especially given they don't even have a table! They decided to linger on, even after being asked politely, and as a result 1 elderly, 2 kids, and 2 adults have to move table. Staff have to help us move. Heater has to be moved. Then after all that, the 2 guys left. A complete waste of time, a total irritation, and hopefully a new policy very soon. Check with the staff at Bistro as well please.2014-02-14
Kellett IslandCan you get the DVDs: Hobbit 2, Frozen, and Catching Fire.2014-01-11
Kellett IslandPlease clean exercise mats as they are quite dirty from dirty shoes. Thanks.2014-01-06
Kellett IslandCan the club review the smoking policy this year, especially at areas where people eat (i.e. Bistro at Kellett) outdoors. The present separation is useless as the smoke travels in all directions (well from the harbor in). I'm sure the club has some data as to the % of smoker vs non-smokers. There are lots of children + elderly who want to enjoy the sunshine but not subject to cancer causing 2nd hand smoke. How about start by make Bistro + similar places in MI and SC smoke free, + set aside another area for smokers. Thank you.2014-01-05