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Middle IslandPlease can you review the menu price of Whispering Angel rose wine.

In Repulse Bay supermarket it has cost less than 200 HK dollar for many years.

It frustrates me to see this choice with over 100% mark up (HK$438) compared to the supermarket.
Middle IslandPlan for a series of 'outdoor movie' nights on the MI lawn.

Encourage families to come to Middle Island on a Friday night when the children have no school the following day. The series of movies to attract different age groups on different nights (eg. suitable for 5-8 and 8-11yrs). Make it 5.30-7.30pm, people can feed the children, promote Husbands joining their families after work at the bar, put out bean bags etc. Members and guests.

Probably best when cooler weather comes eg. October or November.
Middle IslandCan the ground floor drinks machine, which currently only accepts cash (coins only), please be updated to accept Octopus. Thank you.2020-05-25
Middle IslandThe BBQ is really great and we use it often. However, the surrounding areas for placing trays and food while BBQ-ing are very poor. On the left side, there are 3 upside down trays on very unstable stands. On the other side, there is some sort of stand - I can't work out what it is because it is covered in an awful old tarpaulin (again with upside down trays for some unknown reason). Please consider installing some proper, modern, attractive-looking, fixed support side benches down each side and get rid of the current makeshift arrangements. They are below the standard of the rest of the facility and really let the area down. Thanks.

Middle IslandHi

Could we have coffee cream for my coffee in middle island clubhouse please?
SC and KI always have it but it seems every time in MI I asked is unavailable.
I hope it is just out of stock but not other reason.

Many thanks.
Middle IslandThe winch kept at the top of the slipway was damaged by the typhoon surge last year, but it's still left in that unusable state during my recent dinghy sailing in Middle Island. It's utterly unsatisfactory as sailors have to struggle to pull the dinghies up to the hardstanding. One has to consider the heavy weight of the newly acquired Quest which is heavier than the previous fleet of Laser and Wayferer.
It makes it more difficult as the metal plate being placed there as a temporary relief is slippery. Worse still, the void between the metal plate and the slipway is a hazard leading to injuries to the sailor. I strongly recommend the management to look into it and have the winch repaired or replaced as soon as possible before it's too late, as I already suffered injuries, though slight, when stepping into the void.
Middle IslandMiddle Island women’s changing room – no cold water at the water fountain, only boiling hot. Needs immediate attention.2019-07-09
Middle IslandHi there,

Can I suggest we change the lights to a warm colour light at the BBQ area at Middle Island. The lights there seem the wrong colour so the area is not very nice with the white lights at the moment.

Middle IslandThe Middle island lady changing rooms are disgustingly dirty, the sink, tops of the benches, inside of the lockers, the floor is always wet covered in hair and sand. there are missing dispensers in the showers, missing door locks. water machine is out of order. . compared to KI and SC its more like a public bathroom by the side of the road, i understand that the typhoon has effect MI but these small things should still be taken care of.

Could there be more focus on hygiene please.

2.the youth sailors are quite disrespectful to other members using the facilities,
Middle IslandIs it possible to have lunch start at 11am on the weekends instead of 12?2018-05-19
Middle IslandBring simple (hot) breakfast items back! Training often at MI in the mornings, it would be great if we were able to order smaller savoury breakfast items as "all day breakfast" is fine once in a while, but frankly too much food for some. May I suggest:

*Scrambled eggs on toast + advocado
*Poached eggs on toast + advocado
*Better coffee (current one is too weak) - perhaps consider a corporate coffee machine? Nespresso / Jura

Middle IslandWent to Middle Island for dinner on Tue 24 Oct around 730pm and breakfast on Wednesday 26 Oct around 9am, but most of the dishes are out of stock on both days and only toast is available for breakfast. We love the Club and wish the Club is not scaling down the MI kitchen!2017-10-26
Middle IslandIt would be great if we can have our food served on plates rather than the wooden slabs which have lots of fork and knife marks on them.

Middle IslandRe: water plastic dispenser next to stairs

suggestion: relocate water plastic dispenser in shaded areas (to avoid strong sun hitting plastics-chemicals) or build a protective cover.

Middle Island1)Middle Island: Man's changing room Locker keys. Please can we have a review and check all the keys? Alot of them had been missing for a long time i.e.6 months or more. (Is there many private rentals of the lockers at MI?)

2)The Aircondition of the Middle Island men's changing room was never working?

3)The portable Blue blow-drier of the Middle Island Men's changing room was broken for over 3weeks and more? Anyone can fix it or replacing it?

4) Please check the loo fulshing handles, most of them do not turn properly since day one?

5)Basically the cleaness of the MI gents facilities is substandard to the Kellet Island facilities. (Pleae review or ask the KI changing room supervisor to Guide the MI changing room staffs?)

Thank you for looking into it.
Middle IslandService needs improvments at the middle island club house. I am not a member of RHKYC, maybe that is the difference, but the staff atttidue and servies does not appears that they are properly trained to work at a highy regarded club house, talk back, bad attitude and no smile! I am a member of the HKJC, and the servie there is not comparable at all. Hope this improves soon.2017-06-10
Middle IslandOnce again can you please secure the webcam camera 2 so that the camera does not move when the wind strengthens. It's currently showing the wall of the clubhouse.
Middle IslandBe great to have gluten free bread with the All Day Breakfast for us coeliac sufferers.2016-12-01
Middle IslandPlease put up a calendar that shares when functions have booked the lawn so we know not to come with small children. The toys are put away when there is a function. The main attraction of coming with kids is allowing them to run & play on the grass, and use the toys, so the combination means we have unhappy children which is much less pleasant for other guests too.2016-11-12
Middle IslandMy guest and I arrived Middle Island on 16 Oct (SUN) at 0745 to attend my "Rowing Adult Supervised Course" which starts at 0800. When I walk up to the bar for borrowing locker key, your staff asked me to get the coach to collect the key from the bar or wait until 0830 when the key keepers on duty at the changing rooms. (but we already explained our course starts at 0800)

After I return to the changing room I saw a notice has written that "members cam borrow keys from the bar". Then I return to the bar upstairs and said "I insist to borrow a locker from the bar!" then your staff start asking if I am a member and proceed.

My guest and I felt that your staff obviously not will to help.

It was so embarrass in front of my guest with such service level. (we still remember that staff name in full) We hope you can pass this message to your staff so that they can be more helpful in the coming future.
Middle IslandCan you please secure the webcam camera 2 so that the camera does not move when the wind strengthens and shows the wall of the clubhouse.
Seems to be a common occurrence during storms.
Middle IslandPlease provide towels during the week.2016-07-06
Middle IslandWould it be possible to turn on the air conditioning on in the changing rooms. It seems possible at KI but not MI?2016-06-10
Middle IslandI would like to suggest the Club to reintroduce the pool party with slides for MEMBERS. My two children have enjoying the pool parties for many years and is something they look for also for their friends. I have life saving qualification and I think the Club has b been managed the event very well especially on safety side with at least 8 lifeguards and there are always a life guard in the pool. I understand the venue had a fatal accident but from news report the event was on totally different nature and I am sure the Club Management had made necessary improvement. I look forward to see the announcement of pool party again.

Yours sincerely,
Middle IslandDear Sirs,

The BBQ are wonderful at all locations but I would like to see some shaslick alike BBQ sticks for the BBQ with a flat skewer - beef - pork and or chicken. Will be nice for parties - easy to BBQ and good for party and events?

just idea


Middle IslandNoticed last week the toilet seat of men changing room (the one in middle of left hand side after entry) is loose.2016-03-16
Middle IslandCould we investigate if the raw sausages available to BBQ Middle Island are gluten free or not?

The seafood and meat is of course gluten free (but doesn't have a GF icon for some reason).

Would be amazing if we could get GF sausages too!

Middle IslandPlease post a sticker at the glass door of the side entrance reminding guests and staff to close door properly. Staff are much obliged to do so. Suggest to serve egg benedict.2016-01-31
Middle IslandI heard someone ask if we had a "phone recharging" facility. I know we don't but was thinking that might not be a bad idea to install, both at MI and Kellett.2016-01-31
Middle IslandHouse wines particularly sav blanc deemed again to be very poor. No detailed reply received since last feedback.2016-01-14
Middle IslandI note no comments or suggestions in this file since mine of July 2015, suggestive of the fact this mechanism of providing feedback is not working effectively. Suggest MISC to review again.2016-01-14
Middle IslandHot water expired in showers. Not enough capacity?2016-01-14
Middle IslandThere is a consensus that the coffee served at Middle Island is not of good quality. It is such a shame that we can't enjoy a nice coffee over breakfast. I would be happy to pay a bit more for decent coffee if an improvement can be made.2016-01-13
Middle IslandHello
Would it be possible for
the Middle Island club to add
waterproof phone cases and sailing lights to the items that are sold? Or can they ship shop deliver pre-purchased items to Middle Island? I think this would be very useful for members.
Middle IslandI concur with the above especially Sauvignon Blanc.

Please provide towels during week, especially during courses.
Middle IslandThe house wines (supplier?) have been changed for 2-3 weeks. Numerous complaints observed last night at KI - today at MI I checked with bar staff who report several complaints about Pinot Noir in particular. 6 members at KI last night complained about Sav Blanc.

Worst case reinstate last wines. Best case please review again. Thanks.
Middle IslandBetter staff training:
- waiting staff
- boat transfer
Most of new staff seem untrained, at times unfriendly, especially to guests and children.
Middle IslandFor the barbeque, could offers of hamburger patties, cheese and perhaps chicken breast be made available?2015-04-04
Middle IslandPlease review smoking and dog policy. TOO much smoking on the MI top deck. Maybe smoking should be limited to middle deck and dogs limited to hardstand.2014-01-12
Middle IslandPlease review dog and guest policy for MI as the two go hand in hand. The Club is overridden with dogs.2014-01-12
Middle IslandThe smoking policy is not working. The top floor is shrouded in smoke. It has been so intolerable, impacting diners.2014-01-12
Middle IslandThis suggestion book was hidden - no one has input since 04/011. The feedback mechanism needs to be resolved. Pls ask MI committee to address.2014-01-12