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Shelter CoveWater: have big water jug with herbs /fruit and water tastes nice, cost hardly anything, make a very good impression!2020-06-07
Shelter CoveIs it possible to we get pigeon back in shelter cove a la carte menu in the next update?

Though we can find the pigeon in the six people set menu now, sometimes we want to have extra for the excellent pigeon only.

Appreciated if we can get it back. Thanks.
Shelter CoveLast week, I had my first ever '3' course set lunch at shelter cove. When I enjoy my 3 course set lunch at Compass Room, that includes an appetizer, soup , main course and coffee/tea. I then expect similar treatment at Shelter Cove, until I realized that the '3' course set lunch at Shelter Cove only include soup , main course and coffee/tea which means the coffee is part of the '3' courses .
I would suggest RHKYC to stop misleading members and call the '3' course set lunch at Shelter Cove a 2 course set lunch instead of 3.
While most dishes at Shelter Cove are high quality , the 2 course set lunch there is of low quality. If RHKYC is promoting Shelter Cove's 2 course set lunch at the weekly e news , pl provide good quality set lunch , as most dishes at Shelter Cove is of high quality, except the set lunch.
Shelter CoveOn April 30, I tried to have the 3 course set lunch at Shelter Cove , together with a guest. But I was advised that the set lunch 'is not available on public holiday'. I then showed them the Weekly newsletter 'Whats on' from the club which clearly stated that there is '3 course set lunch at Shelter Cove' on April 30. The reply I get is 'Sorry, the set lunch is not available on public holiday'.
Note that I drive all the way from hk island to try the 3 course lunch . What's the miscommunication here between club management and club staff ? When things like this happen, should club staff has the discretion to honour members request rather than just say NO? Can someone at the club give me a email back and advise what happens ? Should I still believe what are said at the Club's weekly newsletter 'What's On' to members ?
Shelter CoveWith COVID 19, the 36hr/2 weeks limit and boating at SC alongside, can this be relaxed and say 36hrs per week? or 5 days? The docks are very underutilized.2020-03-21
Shelter CoveWith the threat of coronavirus just around the corner, I strongly suggest that that you put a sign at the barbecue area kindly requesting members and guests to refrain from walking around chatting and eating at the barbecue area without masks while others are grilling their food a few feet away.2020-02-11
Shelter CoveCan you offer a Vegetarian Pie option. As we love "Tai Tai Pie" but the only options are meat or chicken! Also more vegetarian options would be great. Thank you!2019-11-05
Shelter CovePlease bring back the NZ house wine - Chilean just not the same!! Hong Kong Club Football Club all have NZ house wine Sauvignon Blanc. Thanks!! .2019-10-16
Shelter CoveLove spending time here, its a special place.

One frustration, is the permitting of smoking on the terrace, I understand the reasoning, ie outdoors, but the area is simply too small, we we a small group for lunch today but had to leave because of the overwhelming smoke from tables a few feet away.

Shelter CoveSeems the Air-Conditioner in Shelter Cove's Male changing room has been out of order for a month already, may we know when will it be fixed please?2019-06-13
Shelter CoveTried to send this before but not sure it went as got error message? Had the great Chicken Schnitzel the other day I just think that the potato portion being one medium sized potato cut in half is too little. I would suggest that at least two potatoes be served if not three when they are rather small. Otherwise excellent meal and preparation.


Shelter CoveThe priority for the sampan's should be to take boaties from YCPier to boat and vice versa. Instead they are spending most of their time on the trip to HHYC which is at least a 20 minute round trip. Often on the weekends we have two sampans doing that trip at the same time - just a few minutes apart. I accept that HHYC trip is valauble to members but my suggestion is that one sampan (only) should run on a timetable at the weekend, say, every hour on the hour. If this is publicised then members will know to time their trips accordingly.2019-04-23
Shelter CoveWe have been waiting for 30-40 minutes for our order because the one chef on duty had to cope with a full Chinese set dinner. My suggestion: only have the full set dinner when both chefs on duty, or at weekends. Many thanks (at Shelter Cove).2019-04-05
Shelter CoveComplaint, Sports Boat race day but my crew could not sign on their HHYC account. Why?2018-12-23
Shelter CoveCan we please bring wonton soup back on the menu. It’s always been excellent and we could do with some more lost options.2018-12-22
Shelter CoveI really think that Shelter Cove as a dining destination should be better advertised. I beleive it is underutilised during the week. I suggest a trial is created, after informing the membership through all means available, where on certain days the Sampan service hours is extended to pick up and drop members off at Hebe. Without a car it is difficult to get to and from the Club house. However from Hebe there is easy bus access to both Choi Hung and Hang Hau MTR stations.


Shelter CoveThe Margarita Pizza at Shelter Cove is excellent! Plain crisp base and the sundried tomatoes makes it so yummy every time. In my view, it is much better than the one at K.I. Last time I had it at K.I. there were no sundried tomatoes on the Pizza. Please keep the Margarita Pizza at S.C. and do not remove it! Thanks.2018-10-09
Shelter CoveF&B - Wine Tasting Related.

Why the $100 wine voucher can only be used on Wednesday which gives a bias to KI wine tasting as it is arranged on tWednesday while the SC wine tasting is arranged on Friday.

Can the voucher be extended for SC on Friday?
Shelter CoveSuggest SC has a big bin for glass recycling as a Kellett. I take all my dead men to KI, but surely SC collects enough glass to have a bin?2018-09-14
Shelter CovePlease please please Laksa on the menu and beef ho fun noodles. Why do you keep removing the good stuff?2018-08-11
Shelter CoveI am just back in HK after 3 mths away, and am appalled at the new menu. It is heavily biased towards veggie/vegan options. Where is the red meat? We used to have: steak & kidney pie, liver & bacon, chili con carne, shepherd’s pie. Even Singapore noodles (another of my favourites) has been taken off the menu. Very disappointed.2018-07-24
Shelter CoveCant believe that two favourites have been dropped from the menu here ) sing noodles and 2) chicken wrap. Can they be added back please. They are very popular.2018-07-14
Shelter CoveIs it possible to serve ice cream by the scoop, rather than the Movenpick ice creams that come in a single use plastic tub with a single use plastic spoon and more plastic packaging? Thank you!2018-07-02
Shelter Cove1. Could the bushes around the children’s playground be trimmed down to allow guest sitting at the tables to enjoy the view over the bay? This will help improve airflow in this area helping to keep it cooler as well as potentially reducing mozzies etc.

2. Also a fresh water hose by the dingy racks would help users to wash down their boats/kayaks after use.
Shelter CovePlease add back the chicken nuggets to the kids menu, our daughter asks for them every time we go! plus i've heard several other parents ask for the chicken nuggets as well.2018-04-24
Shelter CoveHello, I wonder if the club can consider having an additional container that serves as a workshop for the boat owners. I mean I found there is no place to cut a piece of wood or work on some projects. The containers only needs to contain a work stable with supply of electricity and water. That's all. Boat owners can bring their tools to work on their projects. I saw such idea in a Canadian Yacht Club (that club lends power tools as well, like drills & saws, etc)
Thank you.
Shelter CoveHello, I wonder if the club can install two additional water facilities in the pontoon area? We, as boat owners, always need to wait for the "boat boys" to FULLY wash their owners' boats before we, as genuine owners and RHKYC members, can use the water pipes. We only want to top up our fresh water tanks and it seems we always have to fight / wait for the boat boys to finish (a long time to wash a catamaran) before we can use the water hose. There is currently only TWO water hoses in the pontoons. I hope RHKYC can consider adding more. Thank you.2017-11-28
Shelter CoveCould the pizzas on the menu return to the old pizza bases? A couple of years ago we used to get very good “thin and crispy” bases but now they are a poor quality “biscuit” type base. Thank you.2017-10-24
Shelter CoveWhen you don’t pay your YC bills you get posted. If you are suspended then you don’t get posted. Why is this? Surely if someone has done something so bad the whole club should know why? A photograph would help identify the offender.2017-10-14
Shelter CoveThere should be lights on the pontoon at night similar to those at Hebe Haven Yacht Club. I have come back after 6pm twice from a day out sailing and have been greeted by pitch blackness making it difficult to see the pontoon when berthing and derig. Especially as SC has two active class fleets (which both don't have lights) and various other small vessels, having to find the pontoon using phone light isn't ideal. While we don't need massive floodlights, but enough to be able to see the pontoon would be nice.2017-05-26
Shelter CoveAppreciate slope works a necessity but we do hope the finished product will be similar (i.e. nice granite blocks rather than sprayed concrete!). Thanks. This club is one of the most beautiful places in HK. It would be a shame to ruin it. Please contact me if you want to discuss finished with more eco-friendly engineer!2017-04-27
Shelter CoveIt is absolutely and great disappointment of my family and loss of the Club that there is no more Sunday breakfast buffet where families, kids, sailors used to enjoy the lively & friendly atmosphere and the essence of buffet - one can go to see the actual food and choose, and chitchat with the one getting food next to you, etc. We all know it was a small buffet but good enough, It wasn't only about the food!!! My family and I came deliberately for the Sun Breakfast!2017-03-20
Shelter CoveCan you please bring back
a. Shepherd’s Pie
b. Chilli Con Carne

These are simple dishes and not too overwhelming for those that want western food but not a hugh burger etc. Thank you.
Shelter CoveLiver & bacon off the Menu? I don’t believe it. This has been the staple “always good” dish for many years. Why, why, why remove it?

To make matters worse, the Rib-Eye steak that I ordered instead was of very poor quality. Although cooked to order perfectly (medium rare) by the chef, the steak was tasteless and not worth the $228 it was billed at. Why does F&B not consult the S.C.S.C. before making such stupid changes? p.s. Cookies ‘n’ Cream icecream also off the menu. WHY???
Shelter CoveSC bar needs a small wine fridge for the by-glass reds…will both keep & taste bette!2016-07-06
Shelter CoveCan we get some Asahi on tap? Very popular at HHYC and SC2016-06-24
Shelter CoveCould the Club look at some options for plants that repel mosquitos? ABC have done this at MI with some success, and there's ample space along the perimeter for potted plants at both SC and MI. As per ABC, a mix of different potted herbs and plants seems to work best. Give 'em a call for ideas? Thanks.2016-04-08
Shelter CoveThe new menu is very disappointing. Why have so many staple items been removed and replaced with vegetarian options? The Club should be able to serve a steak or salmon fillet - basic menu items. Now they have been removed, the only salad item for a meat eater is a chicken Caesar or Cobb salad. We visit the Club 2-3 times every week - we are not occasional visitors. The staff know what is popular - were they consulted? Please bring back some simple healthy meat options. Thanks.2016-03-18
Shelter CovePlease choose some new books to the collection such as Twilight/Harry Potter etc.2015-11-08
Shelter CoveSuggestion received by letter.

To the committee.
I could have written these comments in the suggestion book, but I believe that these problems need prompt attention. Also I am not sure these items come under your bailiwick but they need to be brought to your attention.

Could some system be introduced to deal with the substantial amount of floating garbage which accumulates around the tender mooring, and pontoon area. Sometimes it is really disgusting. Leaving it to just disappear reflects badly on the club. One option would be to employ someone to scoop it into a trolley for disposal. The HK Marine have adopted this method, I believe. Another idea would be to organize a members rota to deal with it. If there is a lot of trash on your watch then get scooping. If there is none, then good for you. I saw a lady member at MI doing this unpleasant task, so it can be done.

The dedicated garbage bins at the top of the steps, while looking green, are inadequate. They fill quickly, then trash is dumped on the ground. Either increase their capacity or get rid of them as they are just not working. Also the main garbage bins which receive the kitchen and clubhouse waste are an easy target for the wild pigs. Often, as I walk through the car park early in the morning, I notice trash spread over the area. Somebody has the job of cleaning that up. Some type of fence or an enclosed stockade would not be difficult to design and make, to keep out the pigs.
Shelter CoveI hosted the Little Sai Wan Hash at Shelter last night after the run ended at Shelter Cove. The staff (Man, William & Geoffrey, Amah & Chef, Chu) were simply brilliant. It was a fantastic night that all enjoyed and it would be much appreciated if the above thanks could be relayed to the staff.2015-01-30
Shelter CoveDear Shelter Cove Committee, would it be possible to have the Napu Tofu dish back on the menu.
The Shelter Cove Support Group
Shelter CoveVery excited to hear about the curry menu - BUT very disappointed with the offerings. The standard menu only has one curry so was expecting the curry menu to have some of the favourites - not oxtail and salmon curry?2014-11-19
Shelter CovePlease can you reinstate the Golden Seabass Fillet, spicy salted. Thank you.2014-11-18
Shelter CovePlease can you reinstate the rice paper rolls on the menu. Great a light healthy is a snack all other appetisers all (deep) fried.2014-11-09
Shelter CoveDomestic helpers should NOT be allowed at the Club unless the rules change. I would like to make a complaint about a member who had 2 helpers here today.2014-08-30
Shelter CoveWhat is this nonsense about no tables being allowed on the outside of the terrace? If there is an issue here, why has SCSC not been consulted?2014-08-01
Shelter CovePlease can we have nice white meat (breasts) for the chicken satays? And more starters to share? Thanks! P.S. The kids love the make your own cake !2014-07-30
Shelter CoveThe comment book is a great idea but should be available online and have a documented follow through process that is adhered to.2014-07-30
Shelter CoveBeef chow minh (noodles) is extraordinary great! Highly recommend to fellow members.


Man Lo is very helpful.
Shelter CoveLooking at the suggestions above this is meant as a constructive input.


We would love to see:

- chicken satay come back
- fish with sweetcorn
- an healthy interesting salad
- the beef cubes in the taro basket with macademia nuts


- Geoff and the team are very welcoming and helpful.
- We love the ambience however understanding the commercial viability, we hope not many more members will discover it.

Please do carefully look at the menu in Shelter Cove. An improved, more interesting menu would bring in more members to dine at the Club. Members have a wide variety of local good restaurants and will choose these and not Shelter Cove if the menu continues to be so unappealing.

We love the following:

1) Beans with minced pork and chilli
2) Diced beef with peppers and garlic

Please put these on main menu as keepers.
Shelter CoveMenu is now lacking some popular dishes. My daughter loves the s&k pie and this is now missing. Let's look at what's popular and keep these dishes. Sailors finger food is also an essential part of the menu. Great location. Great staff. Poor menu.2014-05-14
Shelter CoveAn idea for say a night a month and I expect health and safety comment etc. but can chef conduct a cooking course for members. Chinese cuisine?2014-04-14
Shelter CoveExcuse me but where are you hiding the steak and kidney pie, nasi goring - favourite staples.2014-04-06